I thought I had a yeast infection

by Katy

After a horrible pregnancy, during which I had severe nausea, kidney stones and an unnecessary appendectomy I was ready to get on with my life as a new mom. I then developed thyroiditis which was diagnosed when I noticed that I was having bm's 4 times a day, my hair was falling out and I was getting really tired just walking up a flight of stairs. I had extremely low levels of iron, vitamin B, and D.

After 8 months or so it seemed to be righting itself and because the vitamins were making me feel sick, I gradually stopped taking them (stupid, I know).

At 10 months post-partum my vagina started feeling very itchy. Not inside, no discharge or anything, just insanely, irritatingly itchy all over outside. I went to several gynecologists that prescribed pretty much every cream known to man and it never went away.

Finally the last doctor told me that he didn't know what the problem was and sent me to a specialist in vulvodynia. She found out that I was severely deficient in B, D and iron, and after hearing my history and symptoms told me she suspected I was an undiagnosed celiac.

It seemed probable. Auto immune diseases run in my family and I've been tested for everything anyone I could think of. I did test positive genetically but the bloodwork was negative.

However, I figured that was good enough for me. No biopsy, I just cut gluten out of my diet and took the vitamins. My health was bad enough that I didn't need someone to cut pieces of my intestine out for me to try it.

16 months post partum I'm not as tired, and not running to the bathroom nearly as much. But I was still itchy... Anyone else have this symptom and have any advice? No it's not DH. The doctor just keeps telling me that it will get better when my vitamin levels go up and my skin can actually repair itself. I'm getting a full panel done next week. The itching is driving me up the wall though!

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Apr 03, 2017
Same issue!
by: Celia

I've been dealing with this same issues for almost 3 years. It started a couple of weeks after my last baby was born. I've been diagnosed with PID, BV, strep B, chronic years, etc. I literally just left a new doctor who wants to do a biopsy and test for another skin rash or vaginal eczema. I have been diagnosed with Celiac's Disease and gluten free for over three years, but I'm desperate for answers. I can't handle the constant itching and sensitivity to all clothing. These answers have helped me a bunch. Thanks for posting this blog.

Jan 22, 2017
by: Anonymous

Check out pelvic floor dysfunction, specifically hypertonic or nonrelaxing pelvic floor.

Aug 17, 2016
cut sugar
by: Anonymous

also you should cut sugar, specially artificial.
better use a natural honey.

Sep 24, 2014
Yeast Infections and Sucrolose
by: Anonymous

I had a re-occurring vaginal infection for over 5 years.

I suspected artificial sugar, but stopped drinking diet soda and still had the infection. I ended up with poison ivy and was given steriods and the infection went away also!

I have been free of it for 2 years. Recently it started again. I was drinking an energy drink with sucrolose. I immediately stopped drinking that and it got some better, but not completely. I realized that the creatine and protein powders I was using also had sucrolose and so I stopped them also and the infection went away. I have a new protein powder with stevia and no problems. I am pretty sure that this problem was caused by artificial sugars.

Jul 05, 2014
That sucks.
by: Anonymous

I actually was just diagnosed with Celiac disease as well. I haven't had my vaginal itching before, BUT, I have to have a biopsy done, so they're making me eat gluten until the biopsy, so I'm assuming that because I'm eating gluten now, I'm itchy. Hope this helped a bit.

Jun 05, 2013
Me too!
by: Julie R.

Many years ago I had the same problem, actually that was one of my major symptoms of Celiac besides all the other ones. I was undiagnosed Celiac as well. You are not the only one. I have a blog called Goodiegoodiegluten-free.blogspot.com and I get a lot of people writing me that my story is just like theirs.

Dr. Peacocke is an amazing doctor who also saved my life. I have been working with her since 2005/6. And I still have her oversee me. I also am overseen by a alternative endocrinologist named Dr. Susan Thys Jacobs (they work together actually). She helps me with vitamins and natural supplements.

Not to be gross, but I also dried myself out with "mystery yeast infection medication" when it wasn't a yeast infection.

I notice that if my vitamin D and iron levels are low, i get those symptoms down there again, and they are awful! But the moment my vitamin levels get normalized it starts to feel better.

I am not a doctor, but I wonder if you are having those issues still, what your vitamin levels are.

Are you maybe ingesting gluten without realizing it? Are your vitamin levels low? Are you eating too much sugar? You may want to try and knock out those sugars so any good/bad bacteria down there doesn't feed off the sugars you are ingesting. Are you consuming hidden gluten like caramel coloring? Are you on a probiotic that has vaginal support? Like Ultimate Flora 50 billion with 10 strains. That's a good one, and it's the refrigerated kind.

Have you gone back to Dr. Peacocke? Because in the beginning when it happened to me, She had me on folic acid capsules to insert to get the moisture back, and then she had me on something else, that I can't remember. It was better, but not 100%, that's when she introduced me to Dr. Thys, and between the two of them, i started to normalize.

Are you drinking any carbonated drinks? Because carbonation breaks down your nutrients and you won't absorb them, and with Celiac on top of that...well it's a doozy.

Let me know if you feel better or need any help. I can be reached at yummybyjulie@gmail.com

I hope you feel better soon!

Julie R.

Mar 26, 2012
It's not a yeast infection

Prior to being diagnosed with Celiac Disease I had many symptoms, however one of the worst was my gynecological issues.

For years i went to every Gyno under the sun, and it was always diagnosed as the same issue-yeast infection.

The truth is, until I saw Dr. Peacocke I would have kept going with the thought of a Yeast Infection and would have kept using the creams. But it was never the case, and instead these creams prescribed were drying me out. In addition these symptoms came from a Vitamin D and Calcium deficency, but before I even started that Regime, I had to take folic acid pills and other things to restore the moisture that was lost 'down there'.

Dr. P told me that I had the vagina of a 60 year old woman. I was age 28. I believe with the combined help of Dr. Peackocke and Dr. Susan Thys Jacobs, my life was not only saved, but was able to live to the fullest once again.

Feb 16, 2012
by: Anonymous

I wanted to come back and update my post. I've been gluten and dairy free since my original post and do feel much better. However, I want to retract my statement about Dr. Peacocke. My gynecological symptoms never really went away and I decided to try another dr. What a difference! After only 8 months of treatment I'm having days where I don't have any symptoms at all! I highly recommend Dr. Ledger and Dr. Glazer in NYC if you are having issues of this sort.

Apr 25, 2011
Yeast infection relief
by: Anonymous

Whether you are infected with yeast infection or not, this site http://medicationforyeastinfection.com/
will help you avoid and deal with this successfully!

Jan 12, 2011
by: Anonymous

Thanks everyone for the advice. Here's an update:
The itching is SOOOOO much better now that I've been on the B, D and Iron for 9 weeks. It's very occasional and I can even wear jeans most days.

I also switched to gluten free cosmetics, shampoos etc... I always thought that my skin was just super sensitive to things, nope, it seems to have just been the gluten. The break-outs I've been having since age 13 have almost cleared up completely! And my eyes are never itchy anymore.

Let's hope that the upward trend continues. Thank you Dr. Monica Peacocke!

Nov 29, 2010
Me too
by: Marla

I had the same horrible itching. It went on for several years. I finally recently figured out that it was the sugar substitutes I was using. I used to use Splenda a lot stopped for a while and then tried Sweet and Low. When I went back on Sweet on Low the itching came back. I stopped all sugar substitutes and feel so much better. I have also used Nystatin cream and found relief from the itching. I will have episodes of itching from time to time. Doctors always say it's nothing. I think it may be food related. I am wondering if it's gluten related. I also suffer from hand dermatitis. I currently have a flare up of the hand dermatitis and the itching. That's why I'm thinking it's gluten related. Maybe I overdid the gluten during the Thanksgiving holidays. Hope this helps you.

Nov 23, 2010
thats hell
by: betty dargaville

That sounds shocking, I am waiting to go in for my second gluten test which first results were lost and second time cancelled. I have cut out a lot of gluten but not enough I feel. I still get bloated daily and honestly after three years am fed up with it all, I feel for you.

Nov 23, 2010
Have you tried...
by: Prakash Nayee

Sounds awful, have you tried the vitamin creams that you get in the USA in places like Walmart. You can buy them off the shelf and they contain Vitamin B, D etc, maybe applying the cream directly to te affected areas may help more than taking tabets all the time.
Or better still do both .
Hope you feel better soon.
Cambridgeshire Coeliac Group Organiser

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