4 year old with PDDNOS just starting gluten free diet

by Lorree

I have a 4 year old with PDDNOS (Pervasive Developmental Disorder-Not Otherwise Specified) who I just had tested and has a sensitivity to gluten. I am doing ok with him not eating gluten, we are only on day 4 but I am already running out of ideas of foods for him to eat. He is SUPER picky. I've tried the gf Amy's mac and cheese and he won't eat it (even tho I thought it was really good!), he won't eat the GF bread.

Any suggestions?

So far all he has been eating is yogurt, fruit, peanut butter, baby carrots, hot dogs, rice noodles (spaghetti and spiral), orange juice and string cheese.

Any help is greatly appreciated.


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GfCf n loving it!
by: Staycee

Starting the gfcf diet is exhausting to say the least. Because I didn't know how to cook REAL food, that made it harder. In short - watch the cooking shows and learn to cook. There are very simple recipes all over the internet you can follow once you understand the basics of cooking, and just substitute gfcf products for the others.

Hot dogs, processed foods, sugars, processed drinks and juices, deli and other processed meats, boxed foods, and most cereals are bad for these kids.

It took me 2 years just to learn to cook real food from scratch, and another 1 1/2 to learn how to do it quickly, efficiently, and gfcf. Yes this is a lot of time - and $, but your son IS worth it. Christopher has shown so much improvement over the last 4 years.

Good luck mamma, I have a lot of recipes that have worked at krazyspouses.yolasite.com.

GF food ideas
by: Beth

Please get your hands on a copy of 2014/2015 Gluten-Free Grocery Shopping Guide

It is pricey (last year's edition cost me $30. with shipping) but it is a GREAT resource. You will be surprised at how many foods that you probably usually buy are GF and you don't even know it. You will refer to it OFTEN.

Some things that come to mind:
All Boars Head deli meats, cheeses and condiments are GF.
Bell & Evans make delicious GF chicken tenders and nuggets (frozen aisle)
rice (good with ketchup if your son prefers)
Chex cereals (rice, corn, chocolate)
I buy brown rice tortillas (frozen at Whole Foods)and make grilled cheese with them (add ham and/or tomato...yummy)
As far as junk food, there's plenty....cheetos, fritos, tostitos, most UTZ brand products are GF, snickers, starburst, reeces p-nut butter cups (original ones), hershey bars....
Tamari makes GF soy sauce!
'Pamelas Products' pancake and baking mix makes DELICIOUS pancakes (my kids are not GF and they prefer them to others -non GF- that I've made).

I have to say again...buy the guide. It's a life (and time)saver.

Hope this helps!

gluten free food
by: kirsty

hi its hard to start with, i have had it for 8 years now and i have found i website that does gluten free stuff it is www.gfdiet.com you should have a look on it.

hope it helps you,
kirsty allan

by: Anonymous

Van's waffles are wonderful in bluberry and apple cinnamon flavors. Look for Good Karma rice ice cream - wonderful foods. Try mashed potatoes with Imperial Butter (GF!). Amy's frozen foods are really good and will say gluten free or no gluten ingredients.

Hope this helps!

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