4 years of misery

by sherry
(harrisburg pa)

i started feeling sick 4 years ago. we were on vacation in nj and all of a sudden i felt the urge to vomit. Not just normal but it felt like it came from my toes and I was going to bring up anything that was not attched strong enough. I just figured that I ate something that didn't agree with me, but this continued a few times a week off and on for a couple of months so i went to see my family dr.

Well she put me on prevacid which helped a little, but within a month or so the vomitting was back. Then the stomach pains started.

I went back to the dr who sent me for a Cat Scan with berium. Nothing showed up, so we did sonograms, MRIs and still nothing.

next was the upper GI with the tube down the throat. All he saw was a small hiatail hernia and changed the prevacid to dexalant.

This once again help a little but when I ate I was now becoming bloated, nauseous, daily vomiting, but really not losing any weight. so I was totally confused.

i went to work and had to carry a bucket with me just in cause an episode came on faster than i could get to the restroom. The pain and nausea was unbearable.

I missed so much work I almost got fired. My boss didn't believe me. The dr didn't believe me. No-one did except those who happen to walk into the bathroom while i was in there.

I suffer from depression and anxiety. Well the thought of all this being in my head made the depression twice as bad, so i went on an antidepressant which has alot of side effects, and as I was already feeling rotten so the sickness and pain just increased.

It was now to the point that i couldn't work because I was having panic attacks whenever I went to work because when was I gonna throw up next when I'm with a customer?

So i took a leave of absence and checked into a psychiatric facilty for two weeks. The only thing i got in there was peace and quiet and changes of meds but still no relief.

i took a year of from work because i just didn't have the energy to get out of bed most mornings because of the constant vomiting.

So once again back to the dr. Oh by the way the pain was so bad at times that i went to the ER and
they gave me morphine told me i had ibs and sent me on my way.

Well i finally went back to work but only part-time and heavily medicated for anxiety.

i even tried the gyno, nothing wrong there either, so he sent me to a general surgeon, who ran a test to see if my gallbladder was working or not. It was a two hour test.

My gallbladder had stopped working and was rotting in my abdomen. Why? No-one knew. I felt better once again, but only for a month.

In the following year I saw my dr many times, with no answers. I spent numerous trips to the ER with no answers. By now the dr bills are way into the thousands of dollars.

So a few months ago i ran into a co worker that I hadnt seen in about a year and she had lost alot of weight and looked great. We got to talking and found out that she and her husband are allergic to gluten.

So I go back to my dr and she says that maybe I have some kind off food allergy, but the test is 300 dollar and my insurance wont pay for it. Like i can afford another bill like that!

So i start the research on gluten and what all it is in. Ok i eat all that. so I cut out as much gluten as I could. I am still learning what I can and cannot eat.

After 5 months I am doing so much better. I am now off my antidepressants and anxiety meds, I have not thrown up for months, except on the rare occation that i come across something that has gluten in it and i was not aware of it (like i said i am still learning about all this).

My boyfriend says I am much happier, my coworkers who have known me for more than 5 years say that I am back to my old self. and as for me i feel fantastic!

If you have the symptoms of celiac disease just try to cut out the gluten products and see if it makes a difference, what can it hurt?

Gluten free foods are a bit more expensive but in the long run how much will it save you in doctor visits and missed days of work? it is well worth a try.

I am still learning and all about this and how to cook without gluten and it can be challenging but it sure beats the way I did feel.


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