7 month old Gluten free baby

My son was born in october, while he was an excellent baby, sleeping through at 8 weeks, I started weaning at 4 months and then the problems started. He passes loose stools everyday 7 times a day, and sometimes twice in the night. He cries constantly and will not play with toys. He has even started waking up throughout the night.

At 7 months i took him to the GP who diagnosed a lactose allergy. I stopped all milk and he did not have any bread etc either, just chicken veg and fruit while his stools turned solid and the crying stopped for 5 days.

Then when went on holiday we fed him bread toast crumpets in small amounts. The problems have started back up. The loose stools are back, along with the crying and waking.

I took him back to the GP who now says he has a lactose and gluten intolerance.

My in laws just think I am overreacting.

Has any one had this problem or can give advice? Its been two days of his gf diet and already i have noticed a change. He will sit and play and is less windy and his nappy rash has cleared.


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by: April

My daughter was sleeping through the night by the end of week one but by a few months it had all stopped. She never sleept more than 4 hours at a time.

I nursed her for 10 1/2 months, when I started introducing soy milk (by this point she was eating up to 9 jars of baby food a day and nursing every 2 1/2 hours). Once she got used to the taste she would nurse and then want a bottle (usually refusing to eat food of any sort) so I weaned her and she didn't even seem to care.

She will often refuse any table food offered to her, or only take a bite or two and does the same now with most baby foods. We gave her chocolate pudding once and she smeared it on her face and broke out in something similar to hives. Cheese and yogurts make her vomit. Wheat goes right throw her. And now I'm concerned she may not be tolerating corn which was one thing I could get her to eat. She loves maple flavored corn puffs and artificial flavored butter hull less popcorn.

Her sister was allergic to milk and soy by age three months but fortunately grew out of it, so you are not alone in your struggle to safely feed your child. It makes you feel awful when you have to tell your babies "no you can't have food". When they don't understand it will make them sick.

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