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Gluten Tag - a new baby
April 25, 2013

Welcome to the Spring 2013 edition of Gluten Tag.

My name is Carol and I am the publisher of where you signed up for my occasional newsletter. I like to think of it as a friendly note from one celiac to another; YOU (or a member of your family).

This isn’t a one way communication. Feel free to reply to this mail, or use the interactive forms on the site to get in touch and share your thoughts and experiences as well as asking questions.

Gluten Free Hospital Meals

You may think that a hospital would be the ideal place to be given a well balanced gluten free meal. However, sadly, that is often not the case.

My poor sister-in-law is experiencing this first hand at present. On the 23rd of April she gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, after having been kept in hospital beforehand due to high blood pressure.

The week she spent on the ward before the birth was not easy. In addition to being a celiac she also has lactose intolerance and was suffering from gestational diabetes.

After being served a plain baked potato along with an excuse for a side salad for supper 3 days running, she was screaming down the phone for something more exciting!

The dietician came to see her and suggested various meals, but somehow she missed the problem. “How about yoghurts?” she asked. Nope. “Some grated cheese on the potato?” She obviously didn’t have a handle on the lactose intolerant side of things.

“We could make you a lovely fresh fruit salad for dessert.” Jenny’s blood sugars were sky high already, not a good idea!

“How about a cold meat sandwich?” Only if you have gluten free bread came the reply.

Jenny is so happy to be leaving hospital today! The picture above shows two day old Victoria dressed ready for her first car ride home.

Jenny shared her story of diagnosis while expecting her previous baby on the site here …

Pregnancy and Celiac Disease

Have you encountered problems with gluten free meals while in hospital?

Why not share your own experiences on the site? It’s so easy. Just pop along to our Celiac Disease Stories section and create your own page.

Keep positive

Having a lifetime condition such as Celiac can be challenging at any time of life. Whether you are a new mum like Jenny, or an old-timer like myself. Eating is one of the basic requirements of life, and having to be careful what goes in your mouth can be depressing. I know, I’ve been there!

But, although you might not think it when first getting used to the diet, being a celiac is not the end of the world. You can still take part.

It may take a little more forward planning, but there is no need for you to miss out. Having a positive attitude can make things much easier to cope with.

Hopefully the information and recipes on will give you somewhere to start.

Going mobile

I am currently in the process of making the site "mobile friendly" so that you can check up on info using your cell phone while you are out and about. This will be especially useful for checking the foods containing gluten and the foods you CAN eat lists.

Another page to check when eating out is my handy restaurant guide which helps explain what certain terms on the menu mean and whether they are likely to be safe to eat.

And thank YOU

I began the site in 2006, to help others diagnosed with celiac. Having lived with this condition for over 50 years I have learned lots and felt it was time to share.

I am loving every minute of creating it.

I just wanted to sign off by saying thank you to all my visitors, especially those who write and let me know that they were so pleased to discover the site and have found it really useful.

Don’t forget I also have a Facebook page for the site where you can join in.

If you know anyone else that might like to receive my newsletter it please let them know.



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