anxiety fatigue depression and thyroid autoimmune disease

by Anita
(SF CA U.S.)

It all came to a head this summer with our daughter, now 22. Our integrative M.D. had been suggesting to her for years that gluten was behind a lot of her symptoms, but she only listened when her symptoms were too severe to ignore: severe fatigue, thyroid autoimmune disease, anxiety to name a few. Turns out she had two minor genes for dairy and gluten intolerance. Then the question arose, which of her parents had passed these genes on to her or did we both provide one? The results of the testing surprised everyone.

Her dad, it turned out, had two of the major genes for gluten intolerance, yet exhibited absolutely no signs of autoimmune response. No signs of dairy intolerance either.

When my test came back, turns out daughter was a genetic carbon copy of me: I had both minor genes and intolerance to both gluten and dairy.

Initially, I was shocked and interested because I thought I had no symptoms. I had voluntarily given up all dairy previously as it didn't sit well with me, but I did enjoy a bit of cheese now and again. But I'm Irish and I've always loved my Irish brown bread. We'd buy organic wheat, grind it in the Kitchen Aid attachment, mix it with cultured buttermilk and baking soda. Yum. Not anymore.

One of the consequences of gluten intolerance can be damage to the vilii in the small intestine, leading to malabsorption of certain nutrients including dietary fats. Enterolabs test for this too. So it's quite a packet of information. A lot to think about, to learn and read.

Apparently, there has been a lot of success treating some kinds of autism with a gluten free casein free diet, which is why, when you go online to look for adult ideas, you find a plethora of stuff for kids.

Our daughter’s thyroid autoimmune condition has disappeared and her need for thyroid medicine has decreased by 70% and her anxiety has disappeared. She’s still struggling with some fatigue, though.

So there you have it. Going to New York next week and the airline lets me have either gluten free or dairy free for my lunch but not both.

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