baby with gluten intolerance

by Jacqui

My 11 month old has had a bad time of it since 4 months. When we started introducing baby cereals (which contain gluten!) and weetabix at 5 months his sleeping, moods etc got a lot worse.

I was exhausted, spoke to health visitors and doctors about his wind, bowel movements etc and was just told he was fine...just a difficult sleeper!

I was working really hard to teach him to sleep and was sure I was doing everything right. By 7 months, he had serious diarrea for 6 weeks! This time the doctor put him on a lactose free diet but this did nothing. He then referred us to the Pediatrician, but the waiting list was over 3 months!

There was no way I was waiting this long. Things had got worse since introducing finger foods, so my gut instinct was that I should try cutting out wheat and gluten. He'd also come up in lots of ezcema on his back. We were being woken every 2 hrs and resorting to rocking in the car seat, where he stayed for the rest of the night.

Within 2 days of cutting out the wheat and gluten, his diarrea stopped, the ezcema cleared up and he slept through the night!! He was a completely different baby. Happy, content, slept well day and night...

I asked the health visitor for some dietry advice, I've met with the pediatrician and now at 11 months, I'm still waiting.

Any advice on what to feed him or what to look out for from other mothers would be great.............

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Not gluten after all!
by: Anonymous

Can you believe it?! After a year of torment, gluten free everything etc etc, he's actually anemic! not gluten intolerant at all!

The symptoms seemed the same because he couldn't absorb any iron so his body was rejecting and that's why we had pain and diarrhea etc. I suppose going gluten free helped his body as he wan't getting so much stodge.....but he now eats everything, just have to have additional iron and vitamin c!

A happy ending!

by: Anonymous

Hi, my husband is a coeliac and has a very strict gluten free diet, my daughter has escaped it, but just starting to wean my son now and am worrying that he has it.

Join the coeliac society, it is excellent and will tell you restaurants and foods and shops that sell it and holidays etc. There are even gluten free chippys out there. this web site will tell you everything you need to know to lead a normal healthy lifestyle.

Thanks, hope this helps

in response...
by: Jacqui

Hi thank you, It's so good to hear someone else is experiencing the same things!
We had a long night also although the only thing we can put it down to is Ambrosia Rice Pudding, do you have a problem with this?

I hope I can help you
by: Taryn

I have a (now) 10 month old who is now on a gluten free diet (Celiac) after having problems since 4 months of age with baby cereals/snacks.. and seeing a pediatric gastroenterologist we have found out she has Celiac

If you have a health foods store near you like a whole foods market they will have a gluten free section. I have been able to find cookies, risk rusks, animal crackers, etc for her as far as snacks go.

Healthy, fresh, organic foods are what we have found is a good way to avoid gluten. There are many resources such as R.O.C.K (raising our celiac kids) if you have anything like that in your area. They have gluten free cereals, waffles, pancakes, fish sticks, chicken nuggets...

It is a little more expensive than just normal everyday foods, and you have to be aware of what your child intakes. I know my 3 yr old just gave our celiac baby her cheerios yesterday and it was a long night :(

I would love to talk with you more if you want!

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