Joanne's Gluten Free
Bakewell Tart Recipe

My friend's daughter is also on the gluten-free diet and she recently shared her Bakewell Tart recipe with me.

As Joanne also lives in the UK, she used Doves Farm flour which is easily found in most supermarkets, but you could substitute your favourite gluten free flour mix if that is not available where you live.

I think this is going to become one of our favourite gluten free desserts!

gluten free bakewell tart recipeMy family started eating the bakewell tart before I could ice it!

Ingredients for gluten free pastry

  • 5 oz (1 cup) of Doves Farm Gluten and Wheat free plain flour
  • 2.5 oz margarine
  • 1-2 oz sugar (according to taste)
  • Almond essence

Making the pastry

  1. Rub the fat into the flour until it resembles breadcrumbs. Add the sugar.
  2. Add 1 teaspoon of almond essence and enough water to make the mixture into a dough.
  3. Roll out and line an 8-9" (20-22 cm) dish with the pastry. Prick with a fork and bake for about 20 minutes on 190C/375FGas mark 5 until it no longer looks doughy.
  4. When cooked, allow to cool slightly and spread strawberry jam (jelly) over the bottom.

Gluten free cake mixture

The next step in our gluten free bakewell tart recipe is to make the cake mixture to go on top. The weight of the ingredients depends on the size of your eggs.

  • Doves Farm Gluten and Wheat free self raising flour
  • Margarine (or butter)
  • Sugar
  • Ground almonds
  • Almond essence to taste
  • 2 eggs

Weigh the eggs and then match the other ingredients to the weight of the eggs.

You need...

  • 1 egg's weight of flour
  • 1 egg's weight of ground almonds (or almond flour)
  • 2 eggs weight of sugar and margarine

Making the cake

  1. Cream the margarine and sugar together in a bowl or food mixer. Add in one egg at a time.
  2. Add the flour and almonds. Add a little more almond essence if you want a stronger flavour.
  3. Mix until it is fluffy and white in colour, either by hand or in the mixer. Pour the cake mixture onto the top of your pastry lined dish and cook on 190C / 375F / Gas mark 5 for 35-40 minutes (depending on your oven you may need another 5 minutes).
  4. Allow to cool and ice with glace icing and sprinkle slice almonds on the top. Alternatively, if you don't like icing or want to keep the sugar content down, you can sprinkle sliced almonds on the raw mixture and then bake.
  5. One last step, sit comfortably and enjoy your gluten free Bakewell tart.

The origins of Bakewell Tart

The tart is said to have originated in the English peak district town of the same name, back in the early 19th century.

Apparently it was created accidentally by an inexperienced chef, who misunderstood the instructions, but it was such a hit that it was intentionally repeated, time and time again.

- - Bakewell Tart


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