Celiac Awareness

by Angelica
(Pennsylvania )

I have recently been diagnosed with celiac disease. Prior to this life changing diagnosis, I went through life in ignorant bliss. As an illustration, as a child and for much of my adult life I ate all the wrong foods and struggled with my weight, (frequent weight gain followed by excessive weight loss). I had constant mood swings for unknown reasons, complications in fertility due to abnormal periods, so I thought. Frequent headaches, muscle pain and chronic fatigue...regardless of the amount of sleep. I was constantly bloated in spite of frequent trips to the bathroom.

I was in misery and no one Doctor could correlate what my body was telling me..."there is something wrong."

Completely fed up with a diagnosis of IBS and prognosis suggesting thyroid disease, I finally took an alternate route to medicine and visited a certified doctor who specializes in nutrition and body talk therapy.

Under this direction, I found the answer to all my speculations. Through body chemistry testing, I learned that I was allergic to various forms of flour, wheat, whey etc. Not to mention caffeine had a negative effective on my overall health.

After two weeks of adjusting to a gluten free diet I found instant relief. No longer do I suffer frequent unhealthy bowel movements, fatigue, and irritability. I no longer become nausea throughout the day. In addition, my weight as been steady with noticeable weight reduction in my midsection. My menstrual period arrives like clockwork and I feel as if I just begun living at age 34.

Yes, discipline is a must, to resist my once favorite foods and desserts but it has been worth it.

Overall, I feel healthy, happier and energetic. There is an old saying "you are what you eat" thus, if you're eating products which you are allergic to, your body will tell you through presenting symptoms.

My best advice is to listen to what your body is telling you...pay attention the way you feel when you eat certain foods and try your best to step away from any and all things that work against your physical health.

Good luck,

Ps. It may take some time to adjust to the taste of gluten free products but trust me your body will adapt and will show you how thankful it is by you making the change.

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