Celiac child

by Judy Tams
(Stoke onTrent, UK)

I feel better now

I feel better now

My daughter Holly is now 9 months old and finally she is fitting into 3-6 months clothes. It all started with her not putting on weight, even losing at one point. Her nappies went to being greeny/black and were really smelly. She also has a really bad chest which doctors have said may be related but they can't be sure.

After a lot of mithering to my doctor as my health visitor never bothered, (Holly was only seen 3 times even though she was ill) the doctor finally referred us to the hospital.

I was advised to keep Holly off the gluten and see how it went. This was really hard to get around at first, Holly is my 4th child and the others had always had things like bread and stuff for there first finger foods.

Shopping trips now take twice as long, as you have to check everything. She can't have the same as the others so I have to do completely separate meals so as not to contaminate Holly's food. It was really hard at first but things have got easier now I've got used to it.

On a good note Holly is a lot healthier. She's just started putting weight on, her hair and skin are in better condition, her nappies have improved shes just happier in herself.

We are just waiting for the dates for her to have a biopsy but the doctors are pretty sure of what the results should be as her symptoms are so pronounced an her improvements are really good.

She also has bad reactions if she comes into contact with egg, (when her sister gives her something).

Her brother just had his birthday party and whilst her cousin, who is just 3 weeks younger, was filling his face with bits of everything Holly just had a few bits of her food to eat. Its really hard to get gluten free foods that are also suitable for a baby to eat.

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Jul 19, 2010
How is Holly?
by: Anonymous

How have things fared for your beautiful daughter? I understand that children may outgrow egg allergies, but gluten intolerance is lifelong.

She is such a beautiful baby, and I hope she is well.

Oct 22, 2007
celiac disease in children can be hard on the parents
by: Carol

Holly is gorgeous! I am so glad the doctors are investigating her problems.

I can only imagine the difficulties of coping with a baby with the condition, and three other children! Well done you.

Have you tried the baby sized rice cakes available now as finger foods? My grandson loves them. He is happiest though, with a slice of melon.

I am currently writing an ebook on party food and how to cope with coeliac/celiac when invited to or organising a party.

All the best and give that beautiful little girl a kiss from me.

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