Celiac disease and weight loss

by Elizabeth
(Long Beach, MS, U.S.)

I read that people who have Celiac Disease have a hard time gaining weight.

I have been diagnosed about seven years ago through a blood test. I have the typical bowel symtoms but weight loss has always been an issue for me.

At 5'1" I should be weighing at most 135lbs. for being 47 years old. Instead I can't loose weight.

I may lose 10-20 pounds and gain more back. I now weigh 200lbs.

I am hoping someone out there might know of a way to get my weight down and be healthy.

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Sep 07, 2009
This is not uncommon
by: Carol

I can sympathise with all celiac sufferers who put on too much weight. It has happened to me!

I have added a page to the site which talks about why this might happen. You will find it here...

gluten free weight loss.



Apr 29, 2009
Weight gain too!
by: Anonymous

OMG!, do I understand you! I wish I could figure out a gluten free diet that would permit me to loose the weight. Since being diagnosed two years ago, I've gained 40 pounds on the gluten free diet, lost 2 and a half inches in height because of osteoperosis. Nothing I seem to do works, even when I decide to eat simple veggies, fruit and limit the bread and pasta and walk. I remember thinking celiac disease.... oh well at least I'll be thin! haha, sure........ Don't give up.

Apr 28, 2009
doctors do not always know
by: Rosemary (R.C.)

I know how poeple feel who gain from gluten and doctor looking at you as of you are crazy. My doctor has me on 900 calories and I still was gaining weight the only thing I was losing was my hair, energy and the moisture out of my skin. It took my over 45 years and a lot of money to doctors, to find out why and now is the start of a new life.

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