Chicken and vegetable casserole
for babies

This chicken and vegetable casserole can be served as a puree for very young babies, or you can leave some pieces in it for those that are a little older.

Gluten free baby food is not difficult to prepare. Either a general blender or a small one designed especially for baby foods can speed things up though.

Fresh fruit, vegetables and later meat are all safe. Do be aware that stock cubes can contain gluten, as well as too much salt for your baby, so should be avoided.

If you need to thicken sauces or stocks you can use baby rice or a gluten free flour such as arrowroot. As a general rule, keep flavourings to a minimum, especially strong ones. Your baby is more likely to try and enjoy bland foods when first starting solid foods. As they begin to accept new ingredients then you can start to add additional flavours.


  • 1/2 chicken breast
  • 1 tomato
  • 1 small potato
  • 1 slice carrot
  • 1 slice onion
  • 4 broccoli spears


Place the chicken, onion, carrot, and tomato into a saucepan. Cover with water and bring to the boil.

Turn the heat down and simmer for around 45 minutes until the chicken is tender.

Meanwhile, cut the potato in half and place in a steamer, along with the broccoli, over a pan of boiling water. Steam for around 20 minutes.

When the chicken is cooked, strain, reserving the stock. Skin the potato and add, with the broccoli to the other ingredients.

For young babies place in a liquidizer and blend until smooth. Add some of the stock to moisten if necessary.

For older babies you can puree the chicken, but just mash the vegetables, leaving some texture for the baby to explore. Cool and serve.

- - Chicken & vegetable casserole

- - Chicken & vegetable casserole


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