Daily hives at age 38 my only symptom of Celiac

by CDR

Do not confuse my "hives" with the Herpatitus Dermatitus that is common with Celiac Sprue, I had hives-head to toe daily from August until November! My hives would appear each morning as soon as I got out of bed, and after dosing myself will Benadryl all day, would go away by days end-only to appear the next morning. I have a friend at work with Celiac Sprue, and after going to four different doctors (family, allergist, dermatologist, and finally G.I.) upon my friend's suggestion to "get tested for wheat and gluten allergies" -I did and I have Celiac Sprue. The GI doc did a upper endoscopy biopsy, then a small bowell xray, the biopsy confirmed Celiac and thank God-no damage to my intestines! I have switched to a gluten free diet, and after seeing a dietician and self education, I am hive free...but the second I unknowingly eat gluten (or even touch it!)-my hives are back until the gluten leaves my system.

Have unexplained hives? Try going without wheat & gluten and see if they clear up! You might have Celiac. Google "picture of hives" and "picture of herpatitus dermatitus"-they look totally different, pics of the hives look identical to what I had. They are very itchy too! I miss bread, cookies, cakes, PIZZA! Miss it all, but would not go back to the daily suffering with hives for any of it!

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Aug 21, 2018
by: Darcella

I have had hives on a daily basis for 8 years! Every Dr I have ever seen just dismisses them. It's hell... I finally have just gotten refereed to a GI specialist to look for Celiac. I'm praying I finally find an answer!

Apr 28, 2011
me too
by: Anonymous

I am 30 and have suddenly started suffering with hives exactly as you describe!

My GP took a blood test and I have folate deficiency which is why he decided to test me for celiac even though I have no symptoms (other than the hives). He believes the hives are not related although there is absolutely no pattern to them I just have them all day (and night) some days worse than others!!

I get my test results in a few days for the celiac so we shall see.

I am just relieved to find something that links the two as there isn't much online about it! I'm not imagining it :)

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