Easy Gluten Free Recipes
for packed lunches

Many people have trouble finding easy gluten free recipes for packed lunches, whether for themselves or their children.

Although sandwiches, using gluten free bread, are one option, why not be more adventurous?

Read on for both hot and cold options along with links that will take you to recipes on the site.

Served cold

Instead of bread, why not use a corn tortilla as a wrap? You could even use a firm lettuce leaf wrapped around a tasty filling. Or spread something like cream cheese onto a slice of cold meat and roll it up.

Rice cakes are another alternative to bread, but check they are gluten free!

Salads are great if the weather is nice. Fresh crispy vegetables with some cheese, egg or cold meat for protein will see you through.

Storecupboard Salad. I use chopped, leftover, boiled potatoes (or tinned new potatoes), other cold leftover vegetables such as peas, halved cherry tomatoes, canned sweetcorn (corn on the cob), cheese cubes, chopped raw mushrooms, sultanas, chopped apple and anything else I can find. Pop everything in a plastic box and mix in some GF mayonnaise. Lovely!

Or you could cut up your veggies and serve with a tasty dip. An alternative "dipper" could be nachos or gluten free potato chips (or crisps). 

Gluten free pastas are now easily available and a pasta salad could be prepared the night before.

Don't overlook leftovers! A slice of last night's gf pizza, or some cold apple crumble make a great lunch in my opinion.

We all like a treat, and these little fruit squares are tasty and full of goodness. Be sure to pack some wet wipes for your fingers though, as they are sticky!

Talking of sweet things, why not also pop one of these options...

If you want something a little healthier then fruit or a pot of yoghurt would finish the meal off nicely.

Pop in a little tub of gf trail mix and you have a healthy snack for dipping into throughout the day.

Easy gluten free recipes to serve hot

How about a homemade soup for those colder days? You can either keep it warm in a thermos flask or use a microwave to heat it up, if one is available where you work.

Rice dishes (or those using alternative grains) can be a filling option. One of my favorites is a combination of quinoa, cheese, sweetcorn, onions and sultanas. You can find the recipe here. It can be eaten cold or heated up.

Similarly, pasta dishes can be kept hot in a thermos flask, or eaten cold if preferred. Try my savory pasta option or traditional macaroni and cheese made with gluten free pasta.

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