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by Laura

My name is Laura Bunyard and I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease in 2000. I was born in 1960 to parents, who it was later determined, had food allergies. I had the usual chickenpox and mumps, but other than that, I wasn't sick much. In high school I got sick and it went into my throat and my first doctor put me on decongestants. My second doctor put me on 1600mg of Erythromycin every day to kill the infection.

I started having reactions to wood smoke and my abdomen would distend at the end of my work day, but I couldn't do that in the morning. Perfume bothered me.

Then I got pregnant and gave birth, at eight months, to a 6.2lb baby girl who slept all night through, the first night.

Shortly after she was born I started with lots of diarrhea. I couldn't pin it down because it wasn't constant.

I had had horrible body order since puberty and used deodorants and odor eaters constantly. I was developing asthma to go with the nasal and sinus allergy manifestations. I started breaking out in the sun and getting a "mask" around my eyes that wasn't reacting to a certain situation. My upper body strength had left when I gave birth and sometimes it came back, and sometimes it didn't. My hands coudln't hold anything, my brain came and went when it felt like it, I took naps, my hands and feet were always cold and my joints in my hands and feet ached and sometimes my ribs did too, I was dizzy and through it all had mostly diarrhea.

In 1994 I talked to someone who suggested I try for SSDI. I went to see my doctor who said I needed an exam, so I scheduled one. I told him what I was dealing with and he said he wasn't sure, but he thought I had Lupus. So, he took blood and I found out just before Thanksgiving that I did have both Systemic and Discoid Lupus. I was referred to a specialist and he confirmed the diagnosis and commented on my "mask", which only happens in Lupus.

I followed all the guidelines for lessening Lupus and for three years stayed home, until my last blood test showed my sed rate was finally down.

I went back to work after seven years. I worked at a restaurant that made pizza and, me loving pizza, started to eat a lot. I gained weight and had more diarrhea. The odors got worse. My allergies did, too.

In 2000 my husband told me he was
tired of seeing me suffer, so he offered to pay half the price of an office visit to see another doctor. I told the new doctor my symptoms and he said he wasn't sure, but he thought I had Celiac Disease.

He told me to avoid wheat, rye, barley and oats and I would be ok. I switched to potatoes and corn and three days later, no diarrhea! My complexion, which had been spotty, started to clear up. My body odor quit. I started to lose weight.

I found out later your face is a good place to look because that is where intestinal problems will show up. The body odor indicated I was allergic to wheat and my body was excreting the toxins in my perspiration.

The weight loss? I am type O blood. Wheat is among many items which are metabolic inhibitors, which means they cause the pancreas to secrete less insulin and the carbs, which are usually converted to glucose, are instead converted to fat cells which locate themselves strategically.

The cold hands and feet were caused by Raynaud's Phenomenon, which in my case was aggravated by food allergies.

The distended abdomen was caused by my kidneys, which had been being bombarded for years with my asymptomatic Lupus, to go along with my damaged intestines from Celiac disease. The joint pain was a joint deal with wheat, my lupus and Celiac disease.

I found out this year (2009) that in addition to wheat, rye and barley I have added spelt, dried beans, chili peppers and soy. They all bother my Celiac disease. I am allergic to cow's milk.

All my food allergies cause me a runny nose or draining sinuses, bags under my eyes, red ears or cheeks, body odor, asthma, fluid in my right ear and fatigue.

I am a Hunter GenoType, which was discovered by Dr Peter J D'Adamo. The books by Dr Doris Rapp, paediatric allergist, (retired) clued me in on why I looked and felt the way I did; Dr Peter H R Green about Celiac Disease, and about how it affects the body, the other auto-immune diseases it clusters with: and by Dr D'Adamo who steered me towards the foods my blood type, and later GenoType, should stay away from.

My body is getting increasingly snitty about what I put on it, in it or around it. I am allergic to chemicals, petroleum products, perfume, smoke, dust, mold and mildew and many other things I can't think of at the moment. I have the reactive immune system of the Hunter. I hope this information helps someone else.

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Jul 02, 2017
Many things could be wrong!
by: Anonymous

3 years ago I had body odor that I could not control. I also had blood in my stool and insisted on a colonoscopy, and they found stage 1 colon cancer. The surgery improved the body odor to a more normal for me.

10 months later, I became weaker and weaker until I could only stand 5 minutes. After blood tests and MRI on brain I asked to check my mitral valve prolapse and had mitral valve repair four days later! I was regurgitating 40% of my blood back into my left ventricle. More body odor gone but still feeling week like I was going to pass out at times.

After a year of no solutions from my cardiologist or regular doctor, I went to Mayo with severe stomach pain added to the mix. They diagnosed autonomic neuropathy and took me off my Heart Meds.

Stomach pain persisted so they recommended to try gluten and lactose free diet.

Gluten free diet has done the following: improved my sleep, is healing the autonomic neuropathy, removed all body odor (don't even wear deodorant), improved a reading disability I have had my entire life, and improved my general disposition. So keep trying, it may be a number of things wrong that cause your odor!

Aug 30, 2016
Yes! It helped me!
by: Bev

I was amazed when I read your article! I have spent much money trying to figure out what is going on with me! Thank you - you have given me a new direction. I thought I was the only women to have such bad body odor among other many symptoms we share.

Dec 05, 2012
Intestinal Permeability
by: Anonymous

I would bet my car you have intestinal permeability issues too. Bacterial overgrowth, or other intestinal problems (parasites...among otherthings). Go have your stool checked for fungus, bad bacteria, etc. Start taking supplements to heal your intestinal lining, and probiotiocs. (MSM, glutamine, aloe vera...among others. Google it).

Sep 09, 2012
I have similar symptoms!
by: Anonymous

I was so amazed when I read your story. I am 29 years old and for the past 9 years I have been having stomach issues, baggy eyes, body odor, cold hand and feet. And for the longest time I didn't know what was wrong with me until I asked my dr to do a food allergy test and I was surprised to find out that I had wheat, oat and milk sensitivity or intolerance. I guess this explains all of my issues and I have decided to go gluten free it might be a little hard but I am willing to make the changes. I hope I have the same success story like you and I hope all my symptoms are gone. Thank you for your story.

Mar 03, 2012
i can relate
by: Anonymous

I can relate to this…so glad you took the time to put it all into words.

The symptoms are so many and so random ...I have very little desire to even verbalize the way I feel anymore.

This is literally the first account that I have been able to 100% relate to, after a life time of being annoyed and inconvenienced by weird random issues (freezing tip of nose that constantly drips from only the right side and mysteriously comes from nowhere; weird itchy rashes that come out of no where last for a day or 3 years and then sometimes just go away; unhealthy looking eyes, puffy face, cold feet, bloated abdomen full of air that will not come out, weird fingernail problems, dull hair that holds on to conditioner and shampoo residue so badly that I cannot use the same shampoo 2 days in a row; cannot get a close shave on my legs or underarms with a brand new razor EVER; itchy scalp, flaky skin, abrasion on my shin from a scrape I got from running into a table 2 years ago that has never gone away, doesn't heal and itches sometimes like crazy that I will get off the freeway pull over in my car remove my sock just to itch it because it feels like such an amazing relief.

I have developed this brain fog that has made me a different person. I’ve had a series of unsuccessful pregnancies, menstral periods - that used to be so non-existent it concerned me - have turned into month long murder scenes I cannot even consider going to work until the end; dry mouth no matter how much I drink (and I only drink water and coffee - period by the way), excessive earwax some times. Extreme chronic anemia from iron deficiency and who knows what else ... had abdominal surgery, 17cm of intestines removed (still not sure why...? oh yeah, prolapse - full prolapse caused from ...? oh, when I have a bowel movement it doesn't not come out on its own, it has to be wiped out a piece at a time, so I go thru $50 of toilet paper every3 days. I have ruined the plumbing systems of entire buildings many times at many different locations - from just toilet paper.

I have lost relationships and cannot even be sure of myself most of the time. Cannot commit to anything, come off as a total flake when I used to be, and was well known for being, a responsible, dependable, high achiever who was innovative, interested, creative, pro active and made things happen, to nothing.

Nothing that does anything but scratch, watch, walk slow, stay home, not care, not try laugh a lot at myself make dark jokes about what a nothing my life and myself have grown to be (I am 43, single can barely be there for my own cat).

I'll try gluten free, though. My Eastern med prac hit on this, I have let it cross in and out of my mind for years...sounds hard, but I have nothing better to do now that my life is full of free time - every day... :)-I know I am now totally crazy, but I’m really not. (that is sort of what I have named myself)

Jan 22, 2011
by: Lee


I share almost everything you've written except the Lupus. I tested negative for gluten problems with bloodwork but I never had a colonoscopy. I have over 20 food allergies (and chemicals) diagnosed by skin prick and blood tests. My blood type is also O

I was searching for wheat and body odor and found this. I notice when I eat wheat I get a strong odor from the right arm pit. My skin test showed negative for wheat, so I'm suspecting that I have gluten intolerance or sensitivity, but not gluten allergy or celiac disease. I know I am lactose intolerant and I'm 99% sure fructuose intolerant (eating an apple gives me gas).

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