Wheat flour substitutes
for gluten free baking

Baking with wheat flour substitutes can be tricky at first. If you try to use one of your existing recipes, but replace the wheat with an alternative, you may well find your results are not as good as you hoped they would be.

This is often because the alternative gluten free flour does not have the same density. You may find you need to adjust the quantities slightly, and use more than one flour, to ensure successful baking.

Replacements for 1 cup of wheat flour

1 cup

7/8ths cup

Tapioca flour

Chick pea flour (aka besan, gram or garbanzo)
Fava (broad bean flour)
Sorghum flour
Sweet rice flour

3/4 cup

Cornmeal (maize)
Potato starch

1/2 cup

Ground nut flour (peanut)
(Also try 1/4 cup soya and 1/4 cup potato starch)

How many ounces of gf flour in a cup?

For the benefit of non US readers, the next table gives ounce equivalents to cup measures of the various flours.

I have also included some other ingredients that you may use in your gluten free cooking.

Almonds (ground)1 cup equals 5oz
Buckwheat groats1 cup equals 6oz
Cornmeal1 cup equals 5oz
Cornflour (cornstarch)1 cup equals 5oz
Coconut (flaked or grated)1 cup equals 3oz
Cocoa powder1 cup equals 4oz
Chocolate chips1 cup equals 6oz
Chickpea flour1 cup equals 3oz
Potato flour1 cup equals 5oz
Rice flour1 cup equals 5oz
Soya flour1 cup equals 3oz
Tapioca flour1 cup equals 5oz
Teff flour1 cup equals 4oz
Millet1 cup equals 7oz
Sugar (granulated, caster)1 cup equals 8oz
Sugar (icing, confectioners)1 cup equals 5oz

I hope you find these tables useful when undertaking gluten free baking.

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