Italian can be Gluten Free

by Deborah
(Clifton, nJ)

I am a steady customer at La Riviera Trattoria Restaurant, 421 Piaget Avenue, Clifton, NJ 07011.

I was recently diagnosed with Celiac and didn't know what to do, or where to go. So I told Maria, Chef's daughter about my disease, and she too was diagnosed with this disease.

Maria and her father Franco started putting together a GF menu for their restaurant. It is great!!!

Franco made me a stuffed artichoke, gluten free bruschetta, mozzarella and roasted peppers, gluten free pasta marinara, grouper livornese (made with gf vegetable broth), and a cold zabaglione for dessert.

It was great to finally eat some of the foods that I thought I could never eat again.

Just call and make reservations and announce that there will be a gf person dining. Enjoy!!!

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Gluten Free Authentic Italian Cuisine

by Kris
(Barrington, IL)

Lake Zurich, Lake County, IL I am a second generation Italian so I grew up on pasta and Italian food. Around my mid-20's I discovered that I have an allergy to gluten and decided to switch over to a gluten-free diet.

Although I miss my morning white bread toast and my pizza, the thing I miss most is my childhood favorite...pasta. Even though I made the choice to become gluten-free, I certainly do not expect my family and friends to do the same. So when they want to go out to eat, it has always been very difficult to find a place that would please them yet accommodate me at the same time.

This is especially true when they are in the mood for Italian food. It wasn't until last weekend that we finally found an amazing restaurant that could please us all.

We had heard from a mutual friend that Sapore Trattoria (Lake Zurich, IL) has a gluten-free pasta alternative that they can substitute into most dishes. Now I have tried a few gluten-free pastas to date and been quite disappointed in the end product but this was the first time I truly enjoyed a gluten-free pasta dish. The staff was very friendly and understanding of my situation and happily explained to me all of the gluten-free choices on the menu.

Furthermore, the young lady who was serving us that evening explained that the chef is willing and able to take any request that was not on the menu. I ended up ordering a dish of gluten-free pasta with shrimp. It was absolutely delectable. So if you are in the area and looking for some amazing gluten-free pasta, I would highly recommend you give this restaurant a shot!

-Kris, 28

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gluten free pizza in Ohio

by Beverly

There is not much I can really eat, out in the fast food world, but one day my brother came over and told me about this little restaurant in Ohio.

They have the best gluten free pizza and cheezey bread along with gf beer and more. The pans they make the food in are not used with regular pizza dough either.

There is cinnamon stix, desert pizza, which comes in cherry, blueberry and apple.

Occasionally they have a gf buffet that is about 15 dollars for an "all-you-can eat buffet". It contains blueberrry and apple pies, vegan pizza and also cheese, meat and pepperoni pizza.

There are all kinds of wings and jojo's, and salad galore! It all is gluten free and I would recommend this place to anyone on a gluten free diet.

Tommys pcr - pizza,chicken and ribs.

They are located at 34441 Center Ridge Road
North Ridgeville, Ohio
440-327-1212 At the Corner of Center Ridge and Pitts Blvd.

Their website is

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