Gluten Free 8 year old.

by Pam Brown

My daughter is showing signs of gluten intolerance so I removed gluten from her diet. She accidentally ate some at a friends house and was vomiting for two days. She is upset she can't eat some of her favorite foods.

How do I make this change tolerable for her. She hates some of the GF foods I have given her in the past.

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Mom of 8 year old
by: Marcia

Have you and your daughter sat down together, and really talked about this?

It must be very hard for both of you, with her only being 8 years old.

Is it possible for you to send a snack or food with her, when she goes to visit someone?

If you have insurance ask your Dr. for a reference to see a nutritionist. Even without insurance it is a good idea.

You are entering a whole new lifestyle of sorts. Don't get too discouraged, my daughter and I both need a Celiac diet and add Casein free to hers too. We look at it as a challenge and in a weird kind of way has created another bond between us. Make sure she is part of the decision making when ever possible.

Read everything you possibly can about this because the more educated you become the better off you'll be.

At first we were a little resentful, it's hard not to feel a little sorry for yourself! Then after a while you start to feel so much better that you see the results of your efforts.

Sign up for that Living I got some good recipes from them and I cant wait to get my first magazine. This is like anything else, once you tell someone you have this, someone seems to know someone else that does too. Our church has even been kind enough to purchase gluten free wafers for those intolerant to gluten.

Try to make her feel really special about her diet and how good it is for her body and what a good thing she is doing for herself. Rewards, rewards, rewards. Pull out all the stops and do whatever it takes at this age!

For every gluten free day give her positive reinforcement. For the ones that aren't, tomorrow is a new day.

Go for substitutes like brown rice pastas. Find a good brand of mixes. I like Namaste,best pizza crust ever and brownie/cookie mixes.

Do you live by a Whole Foods Store? They mark the isles with gluten free tags to find product. Plus they have great GF bread.

All GF bread tastes better toasted. It's 65 miles round trip for me, but we make it a "road trip" and stock up.You can by a lot of "regular" food too, just become a label reader.

Best of success to both of you.

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