Which fast food restaurants carry gluten free choices on their menus?

by Lee Smith

I was recently in a Park & Eat restaurant and they had on the back of their menu, choices for diabetes and gluten-free meals.

I asked to see the manager of the store and asked some questions.

The gluten-free list went like this.....eggs benedict/without english muffin, scrambled eggs and bacon/without toast... you get the idea.

I also neglected to ask about the hollandaise sauce which I feel sure has modified food starch, which is wheat based, in it.

I took the number for the corporate office and called but like everywhere, nobody at their desk. Left a message but never received a response.

So...you have to be so careful, but you just "really" don't know when you eat out. I bought Wendy's chili the other night, the woman swore it was gluten-free, but after I had eaten it, it came to mind, like the hollandaise sauce, that the taco seasoning might have had that old modified wheat based starch. Any help?


P.S. I received a reply on my voice mail yesterday from a representative from Eat & Park. She told me that they were working on new ideas for their menu for gluten-free, and was glad I called. Thanks Eat & Park.


Legal Seafood Restaurants are wonderful for gluten free folks. They have a separate menu and tell about what they'll do to help keep your meal gluten free. I have eaten there several times and it's always delcious and no ill-effects from cross-contamination as of yet.

Also Bugaboo Creek Steakhouse has a good gluten free menu.

I have recently heard that Pizzeria Uno has a GF menu that INCLUDES GF PIZZA! Haven't tried it yet but was thrilled when I saw it offered!

I know these aren't fast food places but hope to still be helpful.


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IHOP--- HOP away!!!!!

by Marcia
(Tallmadge OH USA)

While traveling to a certain town by Spring Valley, New York, last week, I asked to speak to the manager on duty. I explained to our server that I had a question about gluten free food on the menu.

He went to get the manager, returned and told us that absolutely nothing on the menu was GF free.

No manager though, just the guy we first spoke to. I asked to speak to the manager again, only because on the menu it said the manager would be HAPPY to talk to you about any questions you might have.

The manager was not HAPPY. They do have a few GF options, an omlette made w/ egg beaters. Do you know they put pancake batter in their regular omlettes? How crazy is that? I don't think we will be go back to any IHOP again!


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At IHOP now
by: Anonymous

I am trying the hashbrowns, bacon and eggs. They did offer a fruit cup instead of toast which was nice. We will see what happens!

They are totally clueless when it comes to gluten free.

The manager was nice enough to take a picture of the ingredient list for the "butter/grease" stuff they cook eggs in and the hashbrown list. I am thankful that I can eat out with my family!

IHOP zero, Original Pancake House 10 stars
by: allergicvegetarian

IHOP corporation was not very useful when I talked with them (online form). They forwarded my letter to the restaurant instead of addressing my whole issue of them insisting on not having a real gluten free option. The restaurant I went to, was pro-gluten free friendly but had NO GF options that are filling due to corporate refusing to be accommodating to gluten free people. The tilapia fish, that was gluten free, now contains gluten (but the right restaurant might be able to remember to keep the gluten off the fish.) The omelette that can be made gluten free, was not made gluten free because the cooks forgot to not put in the batter. It is my own issue that I can't have most of the veggies that are commonly put with platter. (greenbeans, peas, potatoes, corn are fine, but not carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage and anything from the mustard/cabbage family).

Also, why should I pay the same price that gluten eaters pay to get half a meal? Greedy!

Better: The Original Pancake House. They not only have tons of GF pancake options, but they are actually trained in cooking for Celiacs and do it well. Yes, those who need to be dairy free will have more issues there. But they do have eggs and hash browns that I thought my sister could eat. She's pork free as well. I'm supposed to be Vegan plus Fish, but I eat dairy when out because my other food allergies are so ridiculous that I'd end up having plain gluten free noodles on a plate and choking to get it down due to dryness.

My IHOP Experience
by: Sue

I had to eat at IHOP recently. My server was very helpful and pretty much just put together a meal for me. I ate broiled Tilapia with no seasonings, no butter (I can't eat dairy either), and plain steamed vegetables. Not the greatest meal in the world, but I was able to eat without getting sick.

Yes, they DO put pancake batter in all of the omelets... :(

re: IHOP
by: Anonymous

Thanks for the info on IHOP's omellettes. I have a friend newly diagnosed with celiac and we've talked about going there sometime. Sounds like one to avoid for sure and a 'heads up' for us to be wary of anything not served 'a-natural'.

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Outback Steakhouse Gluten Free Menu

by Kathy

Two weeks after I was diagnosed with Celiac I had a conference to attend in Nashville at the Opryland Resort.

All of their restaurants prepared gluten free meals for me, and offered me alternatives to what the other guests were eating. It was a wonderful place to be treated like a normal person, with a special diet.

The other place is Outback Steakhouse, I ate at the one in Greensboro, NC but I have been told of many others across the country that also supply a Gluten Free Menu and the dessert is divine!

I hope this helps as it helped me to become more confident in asking for gluten free menus or suggestions from the chef.

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