gluten free if not celiac?

by jim
(east troy)

After seeing a presentation called "Wheat Belly" recently, I am interested in trying to go Gluten free. I am not celiac, at least I don’t think so, I’ve never even heard about it until last week. I just would like to enjoy some of the benefits this presentation says can be achieved by going gluten free, like relief from arthritic joint pain..

My first question would be, can you be "almost" gluten free? in other words, do I need to be all in, or will a major reduction in gluten be beneficial?

There are many things I eat that I am not sure I want to cut out completely. at least not indefinitely. for instance, beer, beer has wheat and other grains, I am not a heavy drinker but, I don't see me going for any length of time without beer.
(no great story ever started with "I'll have a salad")

Any feedback or suggestions would be welcome.

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Good question
by: Carol

You raise a very good question, Jim.

From my own point of view, as a celiac sufferer, it is essential to be totally gluten free. The slightest morsel not only causes me to feel extremely ill but also causes damage to my intestines. Gluten has to be completely eliminated from my diet, and that of anyone with Celiac Disease. For ever!

If, however, you are wanting to try removing gluten from your diet to see if it has a beneficial effect on symptoms that you are experiencing, it does come down to personal preference to an extent.

If you do allow some gluten into your system then it may make your efforts less effective and your symptoms may not be alleviated. They may be reduced in severity, however, and only you can decide if this warrants removing foods from your diet that you previously enjoyed and are loathe to give up for ever.

Perhaps trial the new way of eating by being very strict for a planned period of time. Then evaluate any changes that have happened at that point. If your health has improved beyond all imagination then you may decide to continue. If the results are minimal, even after ingesting no gluten, then it may not be something you would want to continue indefinitely.

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