Gluten Free in Honolulu

by Pat R
(Vallejo, Calif., USA)

Last October my family got to take a trip to Hawaii. Since my daughter and I are both gluten intolerant we were not sure we could get anything to eat at any of the restaurants.

On our first night there we decided to go to Duke's in Honolulu. We explained our dietary needs to our waiter and we were plesantly surprised when he assisted us in choosing their Prime Rib. He even watched the kitchen when they prepared our plates, so that there wasn't any contamination. It was really great.

A couple of nights later we decided to try Planet Hollywood. After talking with the waitress the Head Chef came out of the kitchen to talk with us. He had been trying to educate himself about Celiac Disease and wanted to talk to us about what we could and could not eat. After several minutes talking to my daughter (she's the most knowledgable) he was able to suggest what we both could eat. It was so nice to see two popular restaurants taking a step to help us.

If anyone who reads this is going to Oahu these are two restaurants that they should have less trouble finding something to eat.


Carol responds...

Isn't it nice when people go out of their way to be helpful, especially when it involves learning about something new to them?

In my younger days, I met with so many blank stares when I mentioned my dietary issues that it was wonderful if someone even had the slightest inkling what I was talking about. On many occasions, I was asked something like... "Oh you can't eat bread then! Would you like some pasta instead?" Or even "does that mean you can't eat potatoes?".

Nowadays many chefs have heard of the condition, even if they are not aware of all the possible contamination issues.

Thank you for sharing your experiences. I hope others on a gluten free diet can have more confidence in visiting those restaurants in the future.

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