Gluten free menus for everyday eating

Need a little help planning your gluten free menus? Struggling to decide what to cook for yourself and your family, that ensures you eat safely and healthily? This page is for you.

The following menu is for a family where one person is at home during the day for lunch. Clicking on the blue underlined items will take you to the recipes on this site.

I will add further gluten free menus on a regular basis, including one for vegetarian celiacs, so watch this space!

Home for lunch weekday menu







Fruit smoothie

GF Pizza

Vegetable strips with mexican dip

Savoury Minced (Ground) Beef and mashed potatoes


Scrambled eggs on gluten free toast

Quinoa with sweetcorn, onions and sultanas

Crunchy apple with a slice of Cheddar cheese

Fried lamb's liver (tossed in gf flour, salt and dried oregano) and served with boiled potatoes and peas


Almond flour pancakes

Baked potatoes with grated cheese and salad

Strawberries or other fresh fruit

Chicken and leek stirfry


Yoghurt with fresh fruit

Gluten free pasta with egg, cheese, bacon and yoghurt

Dried fruit and nut mix

Homemade Meatball Recipe served with quinoa and vegetables


Buckwheat porridge

Store cupboard salad

Slice of Lemon and Almond Flour cake

Prawn (Shrimp) risotto with leeks

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