Gluten Free Newbie and Fighting it!

by Alicia
(Tampa, FL)

I'm new to being gluten free. I do not have celiac disease but apparently I have non celiac gluten sensitivity disorder. I'm honestly relieved by this because I was having so much abdominal pain and gluten free is helping me, but I have so many recipes that have items that contain gluten and when I substitute then I can taste the difference and I don't like it!

For example, I make meatballs and rice. Tonight I substituted the flour I use on the outside of the meatball before Browning them with white rice flour. I could taste it! It ruined the whole thing for me!

I need help because every time this happens I want to go back to eating gluten. Ugh!

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I agree!
by: Jenny

Hi Alicia,

I couldn't agree with you more!! I remember the first "gluten free pasta" I tasted.

It was made with rice flour.

I would have been better off with a bowl of rice, after all that's what it tasted like. Then there was the congealed starchy gunk that isn't usually present in normal pasta, to contend with.

I had been diagnosed about 2-3 weeks with coeliac disease, and sobbed my socks off.

I tend to use Dove's Flour as my main substitute these days. I'm not sure if you can get this or not.


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