Chicago Gluten Free Restaurants

by Doris
(Lisle, Illinois)

I love Italian food, so when I discovered that I could no longer have gluten in my diet, I thought my world had basically come to an end. Afterall, great food and eating out are two of life's simplest pleasures.

My gluten free journey began about a month ago, although I've been sick for quite some time and didn't know what was wrong.

Well, I couln't believe just how many foods, condiments and candies contain gluten. This past month has been a true test of my will and one the hardest challenges of my life. I decided that trying recipes at home would be the easist and least expensive way to find gluten free food I liked. This hasn't been going so well.

So since it wasn't as hot as it has been, I decided I would go to an Italian restaurant that had a good review on the net. I figured I would have a cocktail, an appeitizer and a salad.

Balducci's atmosphere is a lovey escape from life's pressures and worries. It's well appointed Italian atmosphere with soothing background music to settle you in. The multi-level dining restaurant boasts outside seating for your cocktails with a friendly and courteous staff. I kept thinking, this is all well and good, but what about the food?

I looked at the menu, carefully deciding from the description what shouldn't contain gluten and made my choices. The server suggested the chef's special martini which contain raspberries, strawberries, etc,... that had the juices soaked for 2 weeks for the martinia and let me tell you, this was a great drink. While I sipped my wonderful drink, and my appetizers were being prepared, the server came back to let me know my bread would be brought shortly, and I quickly told her I can't have bread. She said, "Oh?". Well, I overheard her tell someone in the kitchen that the lady said she can't have bread, then I heard a lot of talk between individuals other than the server, then she came back and said, the owner and the chef asked me to find out if you need to be gluten free, and I said, "Yes", then she said they are going to remake your appetizers, because even though the ones you chose contain gluten free ingredients, the preparation put them in contact with ingredients with traces of gluten, and the owner is well versed on celiac disease and those needing gluten free meals.

Well, I was sold then. I had never had such wonderful service in any kind of establishment in years. Of course, the real test would be the food. My seafood and sausage appeitizers plus my beef entree was supurb. I didn't mind at all being gluten free today. If all my meals could be so good.

Please tell everyone about Balducci's Restaurant - 7611 S. Madison Street - Willowbrook, Illinois - It's worth it.

I went there, "Balducci's" in Willowbrook. It was easy to find. Right off 75th Street, 2 blocks east of Kingery(83rd) on Madison

D. McDowell 07/18/2010

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Gluten Free Fried Chicken

by sbm

and it is really, really delicious...I saw it written up in Chicago Magazine at a fabulous little restaurant called Ina's in the West was even better than I imagined!!!

They do it once a month, on the second Wednesday of every month...I walked in and was lucky to get a next time I'll make a reservation...They even served a fabulous yucca cheese bread that was as delicious as any brioche....gluten free beer, flourless chocolate cake...unbelieveable.

If you are in the Chicago area, it is well worth the trip (parking is free--bonus!)

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