Gluten poisoning

by Kate

I have been gluten free for 7 years. I started to feel ill when I was about 13, I got terrible food poisoning in Indonesia and was bed ridden for two weeks. After this I started to realise I pushed certain foods away. I would crave things but they made me unwell. Australia was not coeliac friendly back then, and I was diagnosed whilst backpacking in London after a terrible poisoning. I am still working it out, and I am very hyper sensitive to gluten yeast and have an anaphylactic dairy allergy to casein.

I became anorexic during school as I always felt sick when I ate, I became bulimic as I knew if food hit the lower part of my guts I would be sick for 3 days.

My body is rooted now. I have been diagnosed recently with leaky gut, which explains my malabsorbtion and auto immune symptoms.

Since following a basic leaky gut diet I feel so much better, but still I get
poisoned, mainly with dairy though, not gluten. Its paranoia, but warranted paranoia.

I would encourage other sufferers to not dismiss alternative medicine. Acupuncture and a naturopath saved my life. I have spent thousands of dollars following GP and specialists wild goose chases.

Your guts are the source of all problems, you need to fix them. Its amazing how much of life you miss out on with this disease. I want the last 8 years of my life back!

I am still occasionally bulimic and you know what, it has nothing to do with weight, but rather averting the pain that may come from in proper diet. I am still looking for a cure or an easy way out, I just don't understand how you can eat something for 15 years and suddenly it can destroy you.

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May 17, 2008
Not wanting to eat
by: Carol

Hi Kate,

I understand your feelings towards eating and why you wouldn't want to. I have been there myself. In fact I wrote about that on the following page:

celiac and anorexia

I am glad you were eventually diagnosed and are now stabilised on your gluten free, casein free diet.

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