Gluten, sugar and preservative free - not by choice, oh help!

by Paula
(Pretoria, South Africa)

I have been doing this on my own, but for 2017 I have decided I need more support outside of my family, to be able to do this effectively and long term. I have hypothyroidism, (on chronic meds) so have been gluten free for last 4 years - I have had the odd setback, but it is not worth the discomfort, pain or migraines.

I am also addicted to sugar, and am prone to arthritis so sugar is not only a drug to my system, but poisons my joints. I have gone sugar free on and off over the last year, and can see the benefits immediately, and the drawbacks immediately too, in achy joints and brain fog when I 'fall of the sugar wagon'.

My 9 year old daughter is gluten intolerant and one of my sons, 7 year old, is super sensitive to preservatives.

My hubby has high blood pressure and is on chronic meds for it.

When I went sugar-free this last time (just before the holiday season), I decided to do it slow and substitute sugar alternatives instead of going cold turkey (a previous cold turkey was unsuccessful).

Unfortunately it turns out that artificial sweeteners are not my friend, and has been the cause of two major migraines in the last two weeks.

As my husband and two sons do not have issues with gluten (or sugar, though I keep it to the minimum) I don't run a gluten/sugar-free home which makes it hard. In general, our home is preservative free, with the odd snack. I am used to being gluten free, but the sugar-free thing has been very difficult.

I am also a working mom, so time to pre-prepare foods is at a minimum. I will be going through your recipe's in the next week or so, and really hope a support base will help me with all of these.

I live in South Africa, and although there are more gluten free/sugar free options available in the shops in the last 3 years, they are super expensive, for the most part taste foul, and are not very varied, which means instead of being able to substitute ingredients (for example flour for baked goods) I rather go without.

I would be so grateful for any input, advise, support.


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