Had Gallbladder removed at age 15

by Daphne

My daughter, now 17, has finally found the reason for her problems. She started having stomach problems in about the 7th grade. Eating breakfast made her sick, so she gave up breakfast. Around 10 am she would call me from school to bring her a burrito because she was starving. She would be sick by lunch so she would skip lunch, starving by the afternoon so she would eat whatever she could. Sick again by supper.

Her freshman year in high school she had horrible pains, couldn't find anything wrong but the pain just got worse so the doctor said all he could think of was her appendix. Three months later we had to have her gallbladder removed. The test showed it only working at 8%.

She got really sick about a week after surgery. Couldn't eat, muscle spasms, back ache, abdominal pain that was unbearable. The doctor put her on a medicine that relaxed her intestines.

She weighed 112 pounds at surgery, about this time she was 100 pounds. Before surgery, she was very athletic, always busy and active. Happy go lucky, life was her play ground. Now my 17-year-old is home by 9pm on Friday nights. Never asks to go out. She will lay in her room for days, and is now down to 95 pounds.

As time rocked on pains, back spasms, diarrhoea, got worse. Had a gluten test and it showed minimal signs. So didn't give it much thought. (I didn't really understand) I had decided that her body needed time to heal and regulate from losing the gallbladder. Her doctor, that she has been going to since she was 3 years old, never suggested Celiac Disease.

A friend of mine called a week ago and said that Celiac Disease popped up and she read the symptoms and wanted me to read it. It was the answer.

We have gone to a biofeedback doctor (for the first time) and gluten, wheat intolerance has gone on to inflame other organs.

We are now on this adventure, with what I have found out that millions of people are also on. I am overwhelmed, sad, frustrated, angry, and thankful that we have found out what the horrible problem is. I could probably write a whole lot more. But wanted to say Thanks to everyone who has ever taken the time to post their story. I truly believe this is why we have figured out the problem. The doctors that we absolutely love and trust had not a clue and I don't know how much longer we would have gone if stories weren't put out there for people who are searching for answers.

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Feb 02, 2011
My daughter also suffered for about 20 years
by: Pat

I strongly relate to your feelings. My daughter started having severe stomach pains when she was in her early 20's and at college, eating alot of macaroni and cheese to keep the food budget down. It stayed steady and the Dr.'s put her through every test imaginable. She even volunteered for a drug test for a new stomach medicine (she got the placebo).

Then in 2008 someone sent the information about Gluten Intolerance. She got totally off Gluten and started feeling really good. Then in 2009 she went to the dentist for a regular teeth cleaning.

To make a long story short, the hygenist (the office had already been informed of the allergy) used something with gluten in it. My daughter spit it out as soon as she realized it tasted like the glue on envelopes. But it was too late, it was already in her system. About a week later she started having trouble with terrible pain in her eyes which was finally diagnosed as an auto-immune reaction to the gluten she had ingested.

This has caused severe problems with her eyes because the eye drops that help with the pain can cause blindness. I can totally relate to your feelings because everyday I worry what will happen to my daughter next. It is good that Celiac disease is finally getting the attention that it must have.

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