Help with gluten free diet

by Melanie
(Gastonia, NC)

I have not been diagnosed with Celiac, but I have been diagnosed with a wheat allergy in the early 90's. Back then, this was a lot to even find after tons and tons of research I started a gluten free diet. Imagine, no labeling help, no health food stores available for help and lack of information. I was lost and hopeless. My mom began cooking everything from scratch and avoiding all the "good stuff" and cooking with water, etc. I have slipped away from that with the current findings and packages available that are "gluten-free" and I have suffered horribly this last year.

I am only 23 and suffer from severe symptoms of IBS, bloody stools, and horrible belly bloating. I have never been a big person and I can't even fit into my clothes by the end of lunch because I bloat so big and lose all my energy.

Also, my weight fluctuates terribly. I feel like if I eat one thing, I gain 5 pounds and this is not me. However, I can't recover by sleeping because I am stuck working.

I am lost. I don't want to go to the Gastro doctor that doesn't know my situation and run me through 1000's of testings to find that I can't eat gluten and write it on paper.

I am asking for some help.

Are these symptoms normal? I go through a week of great energy, I go to the gym 3-4 times that week in between work and class. Then other weeks I can't even get out of bed to get ready for work, it takes everything out of me.

Lastly, not to get graphic I have foul b.m's and about 2-3 per day.

That doesn't seem normal, and the fact there is blood...not good. Can you give me direction in eating, what kind of specialist to go to, and maybe a celiac meeting group contact for charlotte nc?

Thanks so much and sorry for all the details but I'd appreciate anyone's help!

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help with gluten free diet
by: Anonymous

I think you need to see a doctor/specialist as you have blood in your stools. This may be caused by that fact that you are going to the toilet several times a day and could have piles. Hopefully no worse than that, but better to have it checked out.

Or that you are super sensitive to gluten and wheat so you have to have total avoidance of them both, even codex alimentus gluten free wheat (which is used in some gluten free products).

Otherwise see a dietitian to help you with your food, but to me it sounds like your mum is doing a great job with making you stuff from scratch which is the best and healthiest way. Though you need to check that all the ingredients being used are gluten and wheat free.

Good luck.

Mediucal advice
by: David

You need to see a gastro doctor because many new and great strides have been made in the last 10 years with respect to gluten, wheat and Celiac Disease.

You cannot take your life into your own hands because you want to avoid the discomfort of a few tests.

You must pursue a diagnosis and treatment of whatever it is that is holding your body back from a quality of life.

I watched my daughter suffer with great pain, discomfort and and an illusion of ill health for the rest of her life until she was finally diagnosed properly.

Take the responsibility and get your diagnosis so you can enjoy this beautiful life you were granted. It is so very worth it once you own your aliment and can control it.

Even with the challenge of Celiac Disease, my daughter started to make her life her own and she is happy and healthy once again. Do it now!

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