Holiday food

by Lesley
(Devon, UK)

The anniversary cake

The anniversary cake

As has been mentioned already on the eating out page a critical step is to TALK to the chef. If they don't know what you need they can't help you. We have recently returned from a week in Zakynthos as the Louis Zante Beach Hotel near Laganas. We went with our two daughters and their families. They went out the week before us and we joined them for the second week.

I wanted to share this with you because have I husband who is diabetic and a daughter who is wheat intolerant. (See this page for a recipe that she makes for a treat.)

When she arrived at the hotel she was introduced to the chef. Whatever they are paying that chef it definitely isn't enough.

He was SO kind and helpful.

And so grateful to her that she had made her needs know to him in advance.

He told her to come and find him before every meal so that he could show her what had wheat in and what was okay for her to eat. He also said that if there was something she liked the look of with wheat in that she couldn't eat to let him know and he would try to make it for her without wheat.

Of course, being Greece there were loads of different salads to choose from. The hotel also provides an amazing array of food choices for their all inclusive guests. But if your diet is limited it can still be challenging to find something 'different' that you can eat without living on salad for a fortnight.

In the outdoor part of the dining area there is a Show Kitchen where one or two chefs prepare and cook all kinds of things to order. Most days they had "make your own pasta". If you had gluten free pasta with you they cooked it for you and you could choose from the various sauces that they had available that didn't contain gluten or wheat products. In the mornings they cook omlettes in this area. You choose what you want in the omlette and they are absolutely delicious.

On our last day there it was our wedding anniversary. The girls forgot and at about 3 o'clock in the afternoon they asked the chef if he could make a celebration cake for us. This was a bit of a challenge because it could not contain either wheat OR sugar.

He rose to the challenge and in a little over three hours we were presented with the cake in the picture. It contained a lot of cream (so not good for my already expanding waistline) and had sliced almonds in it to give it a crunchy base.

Thanks to the kindness of the chef's team the whole family could enjoy it. It was a very memorable end to our holiday in Greece.

If you would like to find out more about this amazing hotel you can visit their website here...

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by: Yvonne

I was amazed to read of the chef's willingness to provide the right foods for you. I was only diagnosed recently and can't help feeling that I would be considered a nuisance in such circumstances and always feel I have to apologise when I eat out. Not all restaurants are helpful. I once wrote a nice letter to my favourite pub, where I ate out a lot, explaining, and asking if they could please consider cooking the chips separately from the battered and breaded items - they didn't even reply, so I found somewhere else.

Good to hear you were so well looked after
by: Amanda

That was uplifting to hear. A chef that cares AND understands. It sounds like you had a great holiday. Thanks for the recommendations.

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