How I got coeliac disease

by Leanne apps
(Haverhill, Suffolk UK)

I have always had bad stomach cramps and that, but the doctors always told me it was stomach migraines. So I would have meds for it and it went away for a few years, but it would always come back. I would then be put back on the meds again. One day last year, when I had just turned 12, I got the cramps really, really bad. I hadn't started my period so it wasn't that and I was off of school for 3 weeks because of it. Every time I went over a bump when I was in the car, it would kill and I would cry with pain.

My mum was taking me to the doctors every week but they kept saying "it's stomach cramps '.

One doctor said it was 'psychological'. But it wasn't so my mum took me straight to the hospital and I had about 5 lots of bloods taken. I hate needles, so I'm a pain, but I had them to get rid of the pain.

Each sample they tested for different things, but the next day after my last bloods the doctor called up and said that I was most likely to be coeliac.

I was terrified! I sat there crying for an hour, so we went back to the hospital to talk to the doctors about coeliac. They told me that they wanted to check to see if i definitely had coeliac by having an endoscopy and a biopsy.

I was terrified still, just of the thought of having coeliac. I didn't want to be different as I had just started fitting in. But I have always been different because 5 years ago my mum was diagnosed with lupus so I am her young carer.

Well anyway, I had the operation and I was coeliac. I'm 13 now so I've had coeliac for a year now.

I control my diet but the only thing I don't like is being different. At school, the dinner ladies were nice and gave me my coeliac food, but it was different to everyone else's food and I didn't like that. I just wanted to stick with the crowd and not do anything different. But I learned that my friends or anyone else didn't care I ate other food so now I stick to my diet and I'm fine :) xxxx

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