How long does it take to start feeling good?

by Linda Wilson
(Whitby Ontario Canada)

I was just diagnosed 3 days ago. March 21st 2012. I stopped eating Gluten the very next day. So how long will it take to start feeling good? I'm still very tired but tummy feeling a bit better. I am seeing a nutritionist next week as I am pretty sure that my iron is low. Any helpful advise is so welcomed. - silly-yak girl

Carol replies...
I am so sorry you have been diagnosed with celiac, Linda. But at least now you have a diagnosis you can start working on getting better.

I regret that it will take a little longer than 3 days before your symptoms disappear altogether. Everyone is different, but for many it takes a few weeks or even months before they feel totally well again.

Often the improvement is gradual and suddenly you will find that you realize you haven't had to run to the bathroom for some time, and that your stomach aches less. Over time you will find you have more energy and can do much more than you used to be able to do.

The thing that often slows down progress is that some foods containing gluten are inadvertently still creeping into your daily intake of food. It is important to read food labels to ensure that they do not include any hidden sources of gluten.

As you become more experienced in following the diet, you will make less and less mistakes, and your health will improve.

All the best, and I hope you feel better soon.



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IBS or gluten intolerance
by: Jill

Diagnosed with Hashimotos Thyroid disease a couple of years ago, it wasn't until a couple of months ago that I started with IBS symptoms. I had also had itchy pimples, so googled IBS, (same symptoms as Celiac sufferers) and then found out that Hashimoto sufferers are recommended to go gluten-free. I cut out gluten last Tuesday and by today (Friday) my stomach aches have disappeared. I still have a few symptoms, but they are remitting gradually and I feel so much better in such short a time I'm definitely sticking to this.

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