IHOP Hollandaise

by Lisa VR
(Murrieta, CA)

Well, I just made a mistake and am suffering the worst dizzy headache that I have had in a while...IHOP's Crepes Chicken Florentine. I did not eat the actual crepes (only the filling), but that Hollandaise sauce must be full of wheat starch. I have been experimenting with foods and the idea that I am not supposed to eat gluten; I now believe gluten is definitely NOT meant to be consumed by anyone.

I can't find specific allergens listed for the sauce, but I am sure it is the thickening agent. This is a bad time of year to be debilitated for a couple of hours. Santa still has to wrap presents!

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Risk of cross contamination
by: Carol

I am sorry to hear you suffered from eating out, Lisa. That isn't good at any time of year. :(

Personally, I wouldn't touch the contents of a crêpe, as there is too much risk of cross contamination, even if the filling is supposed to be gluten free.

It is possible to make gluten free crêpes at home, from a variety of gf flours. My favorites are those made from almond flour and gram flour. It doesn't help when you are eating out, but at least we don't have to abstain completely.

I hope your Christmas went well, despite this nasty experience.


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