Looking for GF and egg free bread recipe

by Rachael B
(Floyd, Virginia)

Hello there. I am sensitive to wheat and brown rice and eggs! Is it impossible for me to find a GF egg free bread recipe?

I really miss bread and my carbs from baked grains. I have Bob's Red Mill Sorghum Bread mix and I can tolerate all the ingredients, but it says to add 2 eggs. I have heard that I can use yogurt or applesauce as a substitute for eggs, but I don't really know if it's going to work.

Just wanted to see if you had any ideas from your experience. Thanks.

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Try these...
by: Anonymous

I also have an intolerance to eggs, so I understand your pain. I have a couple recommendations. This bread-http://highkeyhealthy.com/2018/05/07/grain-free-vegan-bread/ turned out really yummy. It's more of a soft homemade bread, would be great with soup (not like a sandwich bread). Also, New Cascadia Traditional Bakery in Portland OR makes AMAZING GF, egg free bread. I think they ship too!

Thank you!
by: Rachael B

Thank you, Carol, I will check it out. I always avoided GF vegan recipe books in the past because I want to be able to use dairy. But maybe I was missing some good recipes for my situation. Thank you, Jenny, I've never seen chick pea flour and water as an egg substitute. Good to know. So I'm still not sure which of my options (yogurt, applesauce or chick pea flour) would work best with my sorghum bread mix. I would hate to waste the bread mix, but, as Carol has said in her helpful articles, maybe I will just have to be willing to fail and experiment in order to learn.

I found a great book
by: Carol

You might like to look at a book that I purchased called Gluten-free & Vegan bread which has tons (well 65) recipes for bread. Some do use brown rice, but there are plenty that don't. They do not include eggs.

It might be worth ordering a copy and checking it out?

Wot no eggs!
by: Jenny

Hi Rachael,

It's troublesome isn't it :(

I remember reading something on my 'go-to' flour, so I've looked it up for you.

Typically I use Doves Farm White Bread Flour, which is awesome and so simple.

On the back they have recipes for White Bread, Tomato and Mozzarella Pizza and Bread Machine White Loaf. All require the use of 2 eggs. However, they advise as a substitute to use...

20g chickpea flour
60ml water

I hope that helps you... let us know how it works out!

All the best

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