My family won't accept I have celiac disease

by Gail Mollencopf
(Nevada, Ohio, USA)

I found out about a year ago that I have Celiac Disease. At first I felt relief and joy from knowing why I have been getting so sick for 15 years. Then depression set in, frustration and now anger. The doctor who finally found this is gone. My new doctor acts dumb, all my leaning and info is coming from the net. My family is as BAD. NO SUPPORT!!

This Holiday, my sister in-law said, "I'll talk to the chef before buying the tickets to the buffet", she said "yes things would be good, not..meat flouting in gravey, dressing or mac & cheese" ...

I ended up with a meal of corn and cranberry sauce. She wants me to go for Christmas..NOT!

My son no longer has me over and will not even taste anything I cooked and took over to him.

Restaurant choices are almost none. I'm getting depressed again! I need some one to support me.

Carol responds...

Oh Gail, my heart aches for you. Sadly a lot of people do not get the support they need from their family. You may find some tips that will help you deal with this on my starting a gluten free diet page on this site. I have also written a page on depression and celiac disease which might help.

I am sure that other visitors to the site will have advice for you and will offer support also. Just remember you are not alone, about 1 in every 130 people have celiac disease, even if they have not been diagnosed yet!



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To Judy and Pakish...Thanks!!!
by: Gail

I know that support is very important. I will check the website. I was not offended, yes I do have a problem with eating. I have been thru many a counseling hour. Just the frustrations of still being sick, down, cooking and baking failures (which I can't afford). Lack of support. I'm afraid of offending if walking in with my on food, plus need the break. Had my own restaurant and lost it over this, doctors not listening. Just so much frustration sometime.

There is plenty of help out there
by: Prakash (Cambridgeshire Coeliac Group Organiser

Hi Gail,
Fear not there is plenty of help out there go and join a support group like ours. You will find many people with help and support you in how to cope with being Coeliac.

Have a look at our website and newsletters it will give you an idea of how support groups can help.

You can email on and I will put you on our database to hear from us (ok we are on the other side of the world but at least you will get info and supportive communication)

As far as family go if they do not want to support you then, just give them time and when they see you are better they will understand. When you go to eat with them take your own food and be assertive. Remember it's your health and life that matters.

Feel free to email if you want to sound out or have any queries,
Good luck


I Support You Gail !!!!
by: Judy


It's sometimes very difficult for others to understand and support others.

Unfortunately, we all have to pull from our own life experiences; no one's knowledge can reach the levels of perfection in our short lifetimes.

Our relationships with friends tend to waver; however, our family is constant. Try your very, very best to tolerate them, even though they are in a cloud of ignorance as to your condition. Seek ways to be with your family that do not revolve around food.

If food is going to be a part of your relationship with your family, then bring your own. We all need to eat to live, but we don't have to make others feel as though they are limited in their life choices when they are not suffering with this terrible disease.

I don't mean to offend you, but it's very hard to be around someone who is depressed. Although you have good reason to be depressed, those around you can't understand that any better than they can understand your illness.

My experience with depression allows me to tell you in no uncertain terms: Make sure eat......malnutrition will lead to depression. Once you are nourished, then things will look better all the way around. Then, work on your depression......others will start being around you more and more (once they see you are back to your old self).

I hope I helped; there is a better day coming. Take care of yourself!


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