Navon's Story

by Rachel Smoth

I am the mother of 6 healthy kids. One though is different than the rest. He has Celiac disease. Not only does he have celiac disease but he also has Chrones disease. Here is his story. It was spring break and all was going well. He was having fun with his cousins. We came home from spring break 3 days before school started and his stomach started to really hurt. It hurt to eat anything. After about 5 days of this I took him to the doctor.

The doctor was not much help all she said was this is a weird case of the stomach bug. She gave us some medicine and sent us home. Another week went by and Navon did not get better. In fact, he got worse and started refusing all food. So I took him back to the doctor.

The doctor then ordered that a picture be taken of his stomach. So two days later we went to the hospital and they took a picture of his stomach (by sticking a camera into his stomach). The results came back and read that his intestines had swollen up. They told him that he could no longer eat dairy. They also gave him some medicine to bring down the swelling. He now has to take medicine every day and still can not eat dairy.

After about a week of being in the hospital and being on an IV they took another picture of his stomach. They then noticed there was a chance he also had celiac disease. They did some other test to confirm this, but they were correct, he has celiac disease.

Navon is doing much better now, other than taking lots of pills and not eating gluten or dairy, he is a normal kid. He has learned to live with his restrictions. Nothing holds him back from doing some of his favorite things, like playing soccer.

Navon even goes to a sleep away camp and takes pills there every day. Nothing is holding him back. He loves camp and taking pills at camp does not harm him in any way.

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