Planning a gluten free meal for a group

by Carol

I'm planning a gluten free menu for an evening meal at the golf club after a competition. There will be about 16 people of mixed gender and we have two gluten free diets and one shellfish free diet. To keep the cost down it is required we all eat the same meal. Having just played golf for 4 hours a hearty meal is needed. Any ideas? I was wondering about Lancashire Hotpot and vegetables, cornflour used instead of flour. For dessert Fresh Cream Trifle. Can I use trifle sponges or just leave them out?

What are your thoughts?

Carol, Thanks for asking. Cooking for the gluten free diet is not as difficult as you may first think. The main risk is one of contamination. Check my cooking page for tips on how to avoid this.

Your idea of a Lancashire hot pot thickened with either cornflour or arrowroot is great. Good, substantial food that will fill hungry bellies and be safe for the coeliac's and not taste noticeably different to everyone else. Well done.

However I wouldn't recommend a trifle for a number of reasons. First those trifle sponges are a definite no-no! They are made with wheat flour which contains gluten. Also many people on a gluten free diet are lactose intolerant and wouldn't be able to eat the custard or cream on top of the trifle.

Fruit makes a good hot or cold gluten free dessert.

You could stew some apples and serve with ice cream, (check the ingredients) or with cream and custard for everyone else.

If the competition is held on a warm day, a cold fresh fruit salad would make a good gluten free dessert.

I have to say that attending your function would be wonderful from my point of view. It is rare to be given the opportunity of eating anything on a menu rather than having to have your own food prepared and put to one side. Congratulations, and thank you, for considering both the safety and feelings of the people on the gluten free diet.


Carol (another one)

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by: Carol

Thank you for the help in planning the meal. Some very good suggestions, that I will take on board.
Feel myself very lucky that I can eat any product and not have to read the label or take care how I cook and what I add to my food. Will save this site in my favourites to revisit when I need advice and recipes. Passed on you address to one lady the other one is not on the internet. Thank you again best wishes carol
PS it's confusing with all these Carols, but it was a popular name in the late 50's and 60's

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