Soy milk and gluten

I was recently asked the question: "Does soy milk have gluten?" You will find my full answer below, but in summary, "not necessarily". However, when you are first diagnosed with celiac disease you may find that you are also lactose intolerant. This means that as well as removing all sources of gluten from your diet, you must also cut out milk products. You can still enjoy alternatives to cow's milk, one of which is soy or soya milk.

Many brands of soy milk are gluten free as well as lactose free. They are also suitable for vegans.

In my own research I came across the following brands that say they are gluten free...

Pacific Natural Foods Enriched Soy Milk
Silk Soy Plain Soymilk
Natura Brand Soymilk
Soya Life
Organic Nature
Organic Valley
EdenBlend Organic Rice & Soy Beverage
EdenSoy Unsweetened

(If you know of others, please use the comments form at the bottom of this page to add them to the list).

However, although they may be gluten free they are not necessarily the right choice for a celiac. Those of us with this condition often have extensive damage to our GI tracts and there are ingredients in soy milk that can irritate us further.

One of these is Carrageenen, a gel which is used to improve the texture of commercial food products. This product can induce inflammation in the intestines, and over time can lead to ulceration.

Vitasoy is one brand that is Carrageenan free, but do avoid the Calci-Plus range as that is not gluten free.

If you have problems eating soy (it can cause diarrhea, constipation and skin problems) there are alternatives that are also lactose free. These include...

Rice Milk
Almond Milk
Hemp Milk
DariFree (made from potatoes)

Although labelled gluten free, I would advise you to avoid Rice Dream, as a small amount of barley is used in the production process.

I hope this information helps and please feel free to comment below to add any extra information about soy milk and gluten free diets.


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Soy is not ALWAYS Gluten Free....
by: Anonymousey

You need to be really careful with soy milk - and other milk alternatives. Often they will say on the carton "Naturally Gluten Free" - which they are, 'naturally', BUT - the product itself is usually NOT because of cross-contamination. I actually called up the Vitasoy company here in Australia because even though it says "Naturally gluten, lactose and cholesterol free", I was having a reaction to it. I thought 'oh great, something else I can't tolerate', but when I asked the rep about whether the milk was made in a dedicated gluten-free facility, she said no - they make other wheat-based and non gluten-free products in the same facility. She said she was glad I raised the issue because she would put it to marketing to make it more obvious that, even though the ingredients themselves are 'gluten-free', they are not free from contamination and therefore not safe for celiacs. So do your research! Sadly a lot of things that seem to be safe are actually not.

Gluten Free Soy
by: Anonymous

I was able to find soy millk that says gluten free. The brand is Silk. It says organic and unsweetened, dairy & lactose free, carrageenan free, cholesterol free, no artificial colors or flavors, low saturated fat.

glute in soy milk
by: Anonymous

I brought some soy milk cause I want to try cut down on my dairy but it says it contains gluten and I can't have gluten

Soy milk for toddlers (17mnths)
by: teaohinengaro

we give our 17 month granddaughter soy milk as the alternative to breast and baby formula. We've now reinstated baby formula for night feeds only. Now we are thinking that the soy milk could contribute to her ongoing stomach pains, occasional diarrhea and blisters/rash that is still present, after removing all dairy/gluten.

thank you
by: Sylvia, Trenton, On

Thank you for this information:

Dealing with celiac and gluten free as well as dairy free is very hard.

Your information is clear and to the point without a lot of advertising but facts.

So appreciated.

Costco soy milk
by: Anonymous

Kirkland (Costco) soy milk claims to be gluten free

gluten free/ what to do with soy
by: Anonymous

I am gluten free but when I take multivitamin with soy, I have so much gas. When I take soy tea, it also gives me lot of gas. Am I allergic to soya also?

Gluten in Rice Dream
by: Ras Peter Rasmussen

Hi :o)

How do you know, that barley is used in the production of Rice Dream? It doesn't say so on the packages with Rice Dream, that I buy here in Denmark.

Thanks in advance for your answer.

Ras Peter Rasmussen

Just found this very interesting page
by: Margaret

Hi I am Celiac and Lactose intolerant and wondering why Soy Ice cream upsets my stomach. Any Ideas? Cannot read anything in the Ingredients that I think would cause it.

gluten free soy milk
by: Sharon Miller

I purchased SILK all natural soymilk, and called the toll free 888-820-9283 to see if it was gluten free. David responded that although it does not state that it is gluten free...SILK has no gluten.

Appreciate your website, which is very helpful.

Sharon Miller

gluten is only one problem with soy.
by: Jon E

Soy products have ingredients such as casein in them that make them as bad if not worse than gluten. If your experiencing problems with a soy product I would suggest you stop using it.

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