Suffered with undiagnosed celiac for 20 years

by Victoria Huff
(Hollister,MO USA)

Well, I first noticed a change in my bowels in my early 20's. Doctors just told me I had IBS and I had a nervous and anxiety condition. I was, and had been, sick on and off through the years with bouts of excruciating pain in my abdomen when having a bowel movement, to the point where I thought I was going to pass out.

Again in my 30's - "oh it is because of stress in your marriage" the doctor again told me. You get the point, I was misdiagnosed, just like millions of other Americans out there.

Okay, so now I am 44, going on 45 years old, and have just had again a bout of tests, including nuclear medicine. Well let me just say they found nothing again.

Last time I told myself, so I took myself to a Naturopathic Doctor, and had a whole blood analysis done. My blood had impurities, like too much yeast and other bad blood particles.

Okay, so he hears me out, and to no avail tells me it sounds like celiac disease!

He put me on a strict diet and regimen of supplements and I use a rebounder 20 min a day. WOW is what I say, what a huge difference.

NO JOKE! I was in the ER twice in one week prior to this, and thought I was on my last limb.

YES there is hope and I am very grateful for my inner most self to prevail.

I just want to say, be aware of your body. I knew all those years something just wasn't right. I finally have relief and am on my way to a better healthier life with my husband and 4 children.

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Jan 08, 2012
Also sufferd with undiagnoses celiac for 20 years
by: Pat

My daughter also suffered for over 20 years & went thru all the tests. A friend suggested a book that led us to diagnose Celiac disease. After getting gluten free she got a dose of it at the dentist for a cleaning (they knew her problem & were supposed to have checked everythig out) but the Hygenist she had hadn't been careful and put that stuff they put in after scraping. My daughter told her to get it out of her mouth, but the lady said "you aren't going to swallow it". End of story is that it got into her system & caused an auto-immune reaction in her eyes that is very painful and irreversable. The drops to relieve the pain can cause a detached retina or blindness. Before we could do anything like suing the lady, she was killed in an auto accident. Now my daughter has to live with the eye problem the rest of her life.

Jan 02, 2012
by: gail

I understand going so long not being diagnosed. I went almost 15 years. Things are improving but have side effects from not being diagnosed, and that bothers me. best of LUCK to both of us!!!!

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