Terrible Aches and Pains

by Suzanne Hunt
(Colchester UK)

I first noticed my symptoms when I was in my early 20's, wanting to keep my weight down, I would go to the gym every other day (like only a single person could do). At first my fitness level would go up and I would remain fit and healthy then suddenly after 12 months I would crash and feel so unwell and exhausted that I was barely able to move resulting in the next 12 months recovering.

After years of this pattern of one year well and one year unwell, I started to realise that something was very wrong.

After having my daughter at the age of 31, I straggled to just to get through the day for three or more years.

I had my thyroid tested to discover that I was at the bottom of the normal scale and started a course of thyroid replacement therapy. I was waiting for a miraculous recovery, but it never came, in fact I could barely move in the morning and needed help to get out of bed as my back and all of my joints hurt so much.

My sister in law had been to see a leading nutritionist in London and recommended that I talk to her, which I did. After a month of no wheat or dairy, I couldn't really notice an improvement so she suggested that I follow a gluten free diet for a month.

By the time I saw her a month later, it was as if a black cloud had been lifted and the lights switched on.

I have since realised the extent of my intolerance which leads to severe fatigue and extreme joint pain.

I can honestly say that I don't miss the foods that made me ill because just the thought of how bad I felt when I ate them is enough to make me shudder.

My calcium levels also fall very low if I don't supplement but its no big deal to take the tablets. My case isn't just gluten but I have discovered that all my ailments are related and are now being managed.

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