The celiac circle of disease

by Paula

I am 42 and two years ago was diagnosed with the Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease as well as Malabsorption Syndrome AND Steatorrhea. Yeah for me huh! I had fatigue, blood in stool, really stinky stools, general blah feelings and at the height of it all, was getting nauseous and had upper abdominal pain.

I had a colonoscopy, endoscopy-twice (once without and once with an ultrasound) and a CT scan. Also along with all this fun and expense, I had to do a regular fecal sample as well as a 72 hour one. That one I fell into fits of laughter over, they gave me a white plastic jar the size of a large pickle jar! I asked the lab technician,"You really want me to try and fill this up?" She laughed with me as this seemed silly. Sorry, hope this didn't seem like TMI, but it all walks hand in hand.

Anyhow, once all the tests were done I was told I had the diseases mentioned above as well as some small gal stones.
They prescribed Zenpep, which is a digestive enzyme and I have to take it three times a day.

The frustrating thing is, I was sure I had celiac disease and that came back negative.

I set about to research this lump sum of symptoms because to me it seemed that to have all the above at the same time seemed odd.
I found that Celiac disease is linked with these diseases!

Well, I have finally got my husband looking at this in a different light since we have two kiddos that both have their own issues with their stomachs.

I am on a journey to eliminate the gluten slowly, so as not to throw everyone into a gluten laced binge!

I made spaghetti the other night and used all gluten-free ingredients and no one even knew it! I found the spaghetti noodles made with corn are so much more palatable than the strictly rice flour ones. It just had a better texture for my texture freaks. :O)

I found the GF spaghetti sauce on the shelf in my regular grocery store and I cooked hamburger to add to it. Yummo!

I too had all the negatives with the tests and was told that if I felt better eating this way then to just do it! I also was told that it can be hard to diagnose.

I simply made up my mind that if I wasn't celiac positive that I may just be gluten sensitive. So, might as well be safe and just make the switch between vegan and GF. I do keep some meat but use very sparingly. In the summer we are almost completely vegan since I hate cooking in the heat! We eat a lot of veggie and fruit platters as well as salads. Just so much easier and healthier. I am also looking in to other options to get the family off meat that is just as healthy.

I keep up with my nutritionist to make sure that I am keeping everything balanced and not tend to go to comfort foods that are more for the emotions than health! My plan though is to keep the sweets at bay and concentrate on healthy. Sweets have never been a draw as much as bread.

I have found some great free resources at the library as well as online. The main thing I am trying to balance is that not everything needs to be baked, cooked and be so expensive. I can't afford $6 bread and $4 pancake mix! I do hope that the mainstream food companies get it and start changing their food handling practices. They are making the world obese by how they do things and what they provide us that is so called healthy!

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Feb 11, 2013
g-f baking
by: Anonymous

Triumph dining has excellent g-f baking cookbooks,

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