Too little fiber and other factors related to gluten intolerance makes for easy weight gain

by Karen
(Lake Oswego, Oregon)

I have hypothyroidism and therefore gain weight easily. Another typical symptom of hypothyroidism is constipation, as a result I baked a lot breads, muffins, etc and added wheat bran or oat bran, which really helped. Then about seven years ago I was diagnosed with "gluten sensitivity/intolerance". This was before all of the great GF products were available, so pickins' were slim and those that were available were very low to no fiber.

This is slowly changing but in the meantime I have struggled to get enough fiber to alleviate the constipation. For me constipation and weight gain go hand in hand.

GF products are typically higher calorie, as mentioned in the article. I have found the differences to be much greater than what is mentioned. For instance, the GF toast I just had for breakfast was 150 calories, the wheat toast my husband ate was 98 calories. Those differences add up over time.

However, the increased health and decreased allergic reactions I've enjoyed since going GF have helped keep weight off. I am in a healthy weight range and weigh a few pounds less since being diagnosed seven years ago.

I encourage folks to check into the blood type diet. According to Dr. Peter D'Adamo, Blood Type 'O' (the most predominant blood type) is the most prone to gluten intolerance. Blood Type 'O' is also most vulnerable to hypothyroidism. I am blood type 'O', have hypothyroidism and am gluten intolerant. If you don't know your blood type, I encourage you to find out what it is. If you know you are blood type 'O', are gluten intolerant and have trouble keeping weight off, make an appointment with a reputable naturopath and have a blood test to determine whether or not you are hypothyroid. If you are, or are even on the low end of normal, typically no amount of calorie decrease will ultimately solve the weight problem as your thyroid will just decrease your metabolic rate. Then when you begin to increase your calorie intake you will gain the weight back quicker.

I struggled with my weight from the time I was a teenager. I've been on T3/T4 micronized thyroid replacement for 26 years and I can eat what I would consider a "normal" amount of calories. Micronized thyroid is the kind that a compounding pharmacy makes, rather than the synthetic drugs. I am grateful for all of the options there are to help us stay healthy!

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Sep 11, 2012
Micronized Thyroid
by: Karen G

I get my thyroid prescription filled at what is known as a "compounding pharmacy". I don't know whether allopathic doctors prescribe these customized formula's, I think they must be obtained from a naturopath. That's where I got mine. A naturopath who works with "Wilson's protocol" would be the best way to go, in my opinion. For folks who live at a distance from larger cities, they could likely get the RX through the mail. I go to Lake Pharmacy (503-635-5211), Lake Oswego, OR, a suburb of Portland. In Portland, Lloyd Center Pharmacy is a big compounding pharmacy. Hope that helps,

Sep 11, 2012
weight gain and micronized thyroisd
by: Carol

Hi Karen I have similar problems to what you describe but do not respond well to armor or naturethroid. Would you please post where you obtain micronized thyroid from Thanks for you sharing this imortant info and thanks in advance for your info on micronized thyroid.

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