The Black Bull in Brampton

by Anne
(Cambridgeshire, UK)

The Black Bull, Brampton

The Black Bull, Brampton

I have eaten at the Black Bull, Brampton, Cambridgeshire here in the UK on many an occasion, and every one has been pleasurable.

The pub itself is a listed building and meals are served on real, old fashioned oak tables. On winter evenings there is a wood fire going in the corner to add warmth and a cosy feeling.

The two chef's Ben and Alice, have an understanding of the coeliac condition and have always fed me well. In addition to knowing what I can and can't eat, they are also very aware of the risk of cross contamination.

Famous for their home made pies (sadly not gluten free) they will warn me if they have been making pastry in the kitchen that day, so that I can choose to risk it or eat somewhere else. If I do decide to go ahead they are careful to completely clean the surfaces and equipment first, explaining that there might be a slight delay.

One of my favourite meals was a trout, wrapped in a paper bag, and cooked in the oven with lemon, herbs and garlic. Wonderfully tasty and totally safe having been cooked in its own little packet. It was served with new potatoes, as the deep fat fryer is used for more than just chips. (That is a real shame as the potatoes are peeled and chipped on the premises, and get rave reviews from everyone that tries them.)

I have also tried their baked potatoes with various fillings. Baked beans are one option and they use a gluten free variety. On the occasion I asked for ham and cheese the chef came out to explain that the ham came with a breaded edge so may not be safe. That was appreciated as I hadn't considered that myself.

Lastly their steaks are to die for! Thick, tender and tasty...again served with new potatoes and either vegetables or salad.

I can certainly recommend this pub for a tasty, safe meal out.

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by: Anonymous

I like to go there. I moved to California from Norway 3and 1/2 years ago.

Wow trout, I haven't seen trout on the menu anywhere.

I must say that the American menu offers fried, fried and fried food.

I am of gluten but I'm not sure that I am gluten intolerant. 2 Months ago my doctor sent me to have a c/t scan of my neck since had a swelling there for 1 and 1/2 years. The last year I have been on 7 antibiotic cures,really strong ones.The results was not good. They found a group of growths in the left side of my neck. The doctor told me it could be lymphnote cancer,tumors or just growths.Research online told me that growths usually don't cause much pain. I went to my doctor because I couldn't handle the pain anymore.
So the doctor at the hospital offered me the usual "treatment" wich is radiation and cemotherapy.

Since I became a christian and newborn I have given it all to the Lord, I have chosen to do so with this to.

I asked myself what did He give Adam and Eve to eat in the garden of Eden.

Fruit,vegetables,nuts and seeds.

In Genesis it says "I give you the trees that are pleasent to look at and the fruits are good to eat".

I eat 9 apricot seeds every day, look them up online and see for yourself, I have 3 teaspoons of organic sulphur(MSM),3*3 flaxseedoil capsules.
I started this cure in the begining of March.
I woke up last Friday and felt totally different,the bumps on my neck was not hurting anymore and they felt much softer when I touched them. It's almost a week now and I'm feeling better every day, but I have to be patient not overdo things, because my body is totally drained and I lost probably close to 60lbs in 2 months.

So why am I writing this on a gluten free site?
I believe that food allergies ,or any allergies,or any physical problems,sickness comes from our food.The more research I do about food additives and government policies, the more scarier it becomes.

Our body is one package and we have to treat it as one. I believe that trying to treat food intolerance alone won't cut it. Our body is shouting out "YO IT'S SOMETHING WRONG".

God gave us food for nutrition , not to have 5 food orgies a day.

I'm not a fanatic, I can have a piece of homemade meat ,chicken, turkey I keep myself a long way from processed food.

I just wanted to share my experience.
God Bless you all and have a GRReat day

by: Carol

Thanks for getting the ball rolling, Anne. The Black Bull certainly sounds like a great place to eat when you are on a gluten free diet.

An excellent review and I hope you enjoy many more meals there.

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Eat'N'Enjoy, Rushden, UK: The name says it all !

by Jenny Bates
(Rushden, Northants, UK)

In a sleepy smallish town named Rushden, my home, I have found to my utter delight, a Gluten-Free cafe.

The proprietor herself is a Coeliac, and has umpteen items on the menu that cater for the Gluten Free diet and diabetics.... not just a Jacket Potato and X!!!

The atmosphere is lovely, very english country cottage, and she is most pleasant, bubbly and most of all helpful. I even have some of her home-made jam for my family to enjoy!

It's nice to know that now at the weekends, if we do nip into town, I don't have to sit with my drink and watch and wait for my husband and daughter to finish the little treat that they have.

For reference there are number of specials on the boards, and there are drinks, including tea & coffee available and the owner made a point to advise that there is usually bread on site, should I wish to have soup, or a sandwich; fantastic!

UPDATE: Carolyn recently prepared and cooked all the food for the Christening of my youngest two children.

There was one large table for the "normal" food, and a smaller one containing safe gluten free foods for me and my sister-in-law. Our special table contained dainty sandwiches, quiche, pizza slices, sausage rolls, crisps (potato chips), sausages, and more! We even had a selection of little cakes to choose from.

Carolyn, also made three Christening cakes, one for each of my children, and the one with my oldest daughter's name on it was gluten free.

I checked with my sister-in-law the day after, and the food had not made her ill, so I will definitely use Carolyn's services again!

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Ramada Grange Hotel in Bristol

by Kirsty

For a Birthday party a little while ago I went to the Ramada Grange Hotel in Winterbourne, Near Bristol.

They were very accommodating, I asked what I could have off their menus and the chef ticked what I could eat.

I had a Turkey meal with wheat and gluten free gravy - which I was very impressed by!

I also went to Tavistock, near Cornwall, on holiday and went to a pub/restaurant called the New Inn and again they were very accommodating!

Its a bit embarrassing receiving all the attention! But after both meals I was absolutely fine!

:) Kirsty :)

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