Warts on my hands, elbows, and knees, NO stomach problems, SELF DIAGNOSED with celiac disease

by Rachel
(Falmouth, MA ,USA)

Shortly after my 19th birthday ( I am now 23) I woke up one morning with these "bubbly-like blisters, wart-like" on the palms of my fingers, and knuckles. They were in clusters (some big and some small) all together. They were very itchy and uncomfortable.I was mortified and confused as to what it could be!! My boyfriend had absolutely nothing on him and that was a sign right there.

I took a few pictures and sent it to my mom and my friend. Nobody could tell me what it was so I went to the hospital. They tested a wart and I got the results back from the lab a few days after.

They said it was herpes simplex (common warts, not the std) and I got a prescription itch cream to help make them go away, because by itching them, they spread very fast.

The doctor also told me they would NOT come back like they first did, but that they, in fact will come back here and there.

As these past few years went on, I always had them, they would come back but in the same exact way they did the first time. I just thought it was normal warts the whole time but was concerned and very embarrassed.

As time has gone on I would be constipated frequently. Didn't think anything of it because I had anxiety a lot of the time and all the women in my family have constipation. My mother was also having a lot of issues that the doctors couldn't rule out for 4 years, eventually, she was diagnosed with celiac.

So a few months ago I went to school, and started work as a CNA at a nursing home. One day my "warts" were severe and my boss set up a scheduled appointment to see why I had this (she thought I was allergic to the gloves we wear, which I knew it couldn't have been that issue because I have been wearing the gloves for some time now).

I went to the appointment and the doctor thinks it was just a rash from the gloves. I knew it couldn't have been that. I explained my "wart" story to her and she thinks it was just common warts like the doctor at the hospital diagnosed it to be. She prescribed me some steroid cream and I have been using it for a few weeks now, it has done absolutely nothing to keep my warts away.

I started to research what this could be, I now know that I have celiac disease due to all of the symptoms.

And it makes perfect sense that this can happen at any age of your life. I am 23 years old and I am glad to know about this now rather than later in life. I do have extra bloating and fatigue a lot when I would ingest gluten but I mainly get the warts when it happens.

I have been gluten free for a few months now and the warts have not appeared. I am going to be going to my primary care doctor to see if there is a way I can be prescribed dapsone which helps the warts not appear even while I am gluten free.

If this is happening to you , you should really research and see if you have these symptoms. It will be a life changer!!

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Aug 09, 2016
Gluten free 4 years
by: Anonymous

I went gluten free four years ago. Warts dried up, rashes disappeared skin tags, stopped forming, joint pain went away. I recommend Dr. Davis's book, Wheat Belly lose the Wheat lose the weight. I had nearly every affliction the book attributes to gluten except celiac. Go and stay gluten free! Change your life.

Jun 30, 2015
Our Body's Voice
by: Anonymous

Fantastic that you figured this issue out.

My doctor prescribed pills to me prior to tests coming back; so I felt uncomfortable just taking them. When I got home I looked up the drug on the website and decided not to take it because I wasn't having the symptoms and also, because of the warnings and important safety information. I suggest you wait to see if you have issues before taking a drug; but this is just my opinion. When I returned to the doctor's office he told me my tests were negative (which I knew they would be); he wasn't listening to me in his office. He immediately said, "you didn't take those pills did you?" Thank goodness my intuition told me not to.

Our symptoms are our bodies talking to us (our body's voice). Drugs are formulated to take away symptoms; so in essence, our bodies voice is being taken away by prescriptions.

I know we do need drugs sometimes; but more often then not there is a food we are eating that is causing our issue, or a food that is causing the issue. We just have to listen to our body.

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