What condiments have gluten in them

by Mary
(Roseville, MI)

I am trying to figure out if mayo, ketchup, or mustard have gluten in them. Also what about pickles?

Carol answers...
I am based in the UK, Mary, so our ingredients list may vary from yours.

However, here I can eat Heinz tomato ketchup, and Hellman's mayo (it is the same product as Best Foods mayo).

Hellman's also do a tomato ketchup that is listed as being gluten free.

Mustards vary, some are OK, some not. Coleman's English mustard powder is listed as being gluten free on their Web site, however, their ready made English mustard is not.

Where mustard flour is listed, this is normally very finely ground mustard seeds and it is safe, as it doesn't contain wheat flour. However, wheat flour IS often added to prepared mustards to keep the price down.

It is always best to read the labels, and if you are still not sure you can ring the manufacturer to check with them.

With regard to pickles, there may be a difference between what you are referring to and with what I would call a pickle. I guess another word for the UK pickle would be a chutney. Here it is important to check the list of ingredients on the jar.

In our house we use Crosse & Blackwell's Branston Pickle. The label states "suitable for a gluten free diet". Although in the ingredients list it includes Malt Vinegar - from Barley, which I would normally steer clear of, I have never had a reaction to eating it, and I am very sensitive.

You would have the same dilemma to foods such as onions that have been pickled in malt vinegar. In the end, it is only you who can decide whether you want to risk it or not.

You may find my page on foods containing gluten helpful as well as the page on reading food labels.



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Malt vinegar contains gluten
by: Jebby

I would like to correct a previous post. Malt vinegar DOES contain gluten, unlike alcoholic spirits such as vodka where the distillation process removes ,the gluten, malt vinegar is fermented which does not remove the gluten.

Gluten free is not wheat free
by: Anonymous

It can be gluten free and still have wheat in it.

dijon mustard
by: Anonymousmamaghanoushe


I have a cafe where everything I gook is gluten free. One of my waitresses, who is intolerant, won't have my french dressing because of the dijon mustard. I need to know for sure if this has gluten in it. The recipe shows no allergens, but has spirit vinegar...is this gluten free???

by: Anonymous

My husband is an extremely sensitive Celiac. We use Best Foods (Hellmans) Mayonnaise, Heinz Ketsup, French's Mustard and Grey Poupon Dijon Mustard.

Also Whole Foods and Sam's Club both sell a Gluten Free Mayo that is actually labeled Gluten Free, but I can't remember the brand names.

by: Yvette

Plochmans mustard is gluten free. I buy Hellmans Mayonnaise now as it is gluten free, and Heintz Ketchup is also gluten-free. Hope this helps you

Misconception about vinegar
by: Anonymous

Malt vinegar is gluten free. The misconception that it contains gluten is because of the 'malt', as in barley malt. But as vinegar is made by a distillation process (similar to alcohol) it is gluten free. For instance, both vodka and gin are made from wheat, but are distilled and, therefore, gluten free. So you can have pickled onions and chips with salt & vinegar.

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