After 50 years on a gluten free diet...'s time to share what I have learned about gluten free living.

Have you just heard these life changing words?... "You need to go on a gluten free diet."

I know how scary that can be!

It's a relief to finally have a name to explain your symptoms, but the treatment doesn't exactly sound like fun, does it? Giving up bread, pizza and cakes? It sounds more like a life sentence, than a way to get better!

If you're like me, you're probably screaming inside, "If only there were an operation or injection to cure the disease and make it go away. Life would be so much easier."

Unfortunately, there isn't an EASY solution. The only way to get better is to change the way you eat from now on.

We are in this together

I am not a doctor. They have the facts at their fingertips, but no idea how it really FEELS to live with the condition. I do!

  • I KNOW what its like to watch other people tucking into goodies that you can't touch, unless of course, you enjoy spending the week in the bathroom.
  • I KNOW how difficult it can be to find somewhere that can offer you a safe meal when you are out with friends.
  • I KNOW what it's like to be bullied at school for being different and eating weird foods.
  • I KNOW how shattering it can be when manufacturers change their ingredients and suddenly something else is off the menu.

That's me, Carol, in the photo, as a little girl aged 5, who already realized something was WRONG with me.

I didn't at that age know what it was, or why I was treated differently.

As I grew up I worked out what I could eat and what would make me ill.

I endured kids parties where I was told, in no uncertain terms, "Don't eat anything! It will make you bad." I didn't want to be bad.

No surprise then that when, as a teenager, my doctor told me (wrongly) that I had outgrown the disease and could eat normally, I stuck in with gusto, sampling all the treats that had been forbidden for as long as I could remember.

BAD MOVE! I learned the hard way that once a celiac, always a celiac. This is for life and there is no parole for good behavior!

So why trust me?

Well who is better placed to help you, than someone who has been through it herself?

My aim is to educate, assist and be there for you.

I struggled with the gluten free diet, in what now seems like the dark ages. I have not had it easy, but if I can make it easier for YOU, guiding you through the pitfalls and introducing you to the wealth of foods you CAN eat without making you ill, then I will be a happy woman.

So let's not wait another second, let me be your friendly gluten free guide.

You came here for information about the gluten free diet, so let's get started.

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