Gluten free? I am here to help..

Who is the gluten free chef? That’s me, Carol.  AND YOU if you cook for a member of your family who needs to avoid gluten in their diet.  You don’t need to be on TV or to run a restaurant to call yourself a chef. Keeping your family safe and well by learning how to “cook it gluten free” is enough to qualify in my eyes.

If the whole gf arena is new to you don’t panic. With 57 years experience under my belt I am happy to be your guide and share the tips I have picked up along the way. You can read more about my story here.

I am not a health professional and I would always advise you to get medical advice from a qualified expert.  However, your doctor may not follow the diet and that is where I CAN help you. Experiencing something first hand has highlighted the pitfalls to watch out for. My experiments with ingredients over the years may save you time and money! I am happy to answer your questions either by e-mail or on the site. 

The links below the photo will take you to pages full of information that is sometimes hard to find, but important to your success. 

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