Gluten free? I am here to help..

Who is the gluten free chef? That’s me, Carol. AND YOU if you cook for a member of your family who needs to avoid gluten in their diet. You don’t need to be on TV or to run a restaurant to call yourself a chef. Keeping your family safe and well by learning how to cook gluten free is enough to qualify.

If the whole gf arena is new to you, don’t panic. I have been on a gluten free diet for 60 years and started this website in 2006 to offer advice and support to people like yourself.

In that time...

I have experimented with ingredients and devised successful recipes that taste good and are safe to eat

I have fed non-celiacs food that they enjoyed without realizing it was gluten free 

I have seen changes in the availability of gf products (my mother used to have to order basic gf flour from abroad in order to cook for me)!

I have made mistakes and learned from them 

I am happy to be your friendly, knowledgeable guide and share tips with you that I have picked up along the way. 

You may be a fellow celiac sufferer, have an intolerance to gluten or feel you would be happier cutting gluten out of your diet. Whatever the reason for the change to a new way of eating, it can be scary and you are likely to feel out of your depth. Am I right? If you haven't done much home cooking before, there is even more to get your head around. Add new ingredients to the mix and it can make you want to tear your hair out. 

To make things a little simpler you will find the site is split into three main areas...

guidance about starting the diet, 

gluten free recipes

information about celiac disease and related conditions help you navigate. You can scroll down to choose specific pages or use the navigation bar at the top of the site to start browsing the site.  Shout if you need help!

The basics of a gf life

Cooking tips and recipes


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