Finally Feeling Better

by Patricia
(Flemington, NJ, USA)

Hi! I don't have anyone in my family with gluten problems and I have been suffering with digestive issues since 2005 and I am 68 years old now. I suspected gluten and was tested twice and it came back negative each time. Lately my digestive issues have grown worse and last week I found a list of fodmap foods on the internet and I thought, why not try to stick to the fodmap diet for two weeks and I felt better almost immediately. It has been several days now of much less bloating and abdominal cramps. It feels like a miracle answer to prayer to feel this good. And to top it all, I am finding that the diet is not really that hard to follow!! I won't mention brands but I have found a soft bread that is actually good. I know I am in the total elimination phase and will gradually try to add back things to see what I can tolerate. I am just so grateful to have found this diet. I was food tested many years ago and was told I was allergic to many things, including gluten, but I wanted to resist having to give up bread. Now I know that feeling normal and well is worth much more than eating your favorite foods and that even though I fortunately don't have celiac disease, I need to take my health seriously now.

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