After 50+ years on a gluten free diet...

... its time to share all that I have learned, with YOU!

The gluten free diet might be something YOU have only heard of recently.

Maybe your doctor has diagnosed you (or a family member) with celiac disease? Or you have an intolerance, to gluten? Perhaps you have heard that avoiding gluten is a way to lose weight?

For whatever reason the phrase has cropped up in your life, I am here to make things easier for you to understand. 

What is Gluten?

Find out what it is, why you can't eat it if you have celiac disease, and what damage it can do to your body!

I have lived a gluten free lifestyle for close on 56 years. The hospital doctor diagnosed the condition when I was just 7 months old. 

I am happy to tell you that NOW is the best time to eat "sans gluten" as there is a greater range of safe foods available than ever before! This includes many gluten free flours along with a wide range of manufactured products. These are easy to find on the high street. No more searching specialized health food shops for the storecupboard basics!

Even if you have never cooked from scratch before you will find easy gluten free recipes for every meal here. I have also included snacks and treats for you to enjoy. 

The Basics of Gluten Free Life

CAN eat

Gluten free food list

There is still loads of food you CAN eat. Check this list!

CAN'T Eat!

Some foods are now off the menu, check what you should avoid.

Avoid Contamination

Quick tips for avoiding cross contamination when cooking gf.

Meal Time

What can you serve at meal times - ideas for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

How about eating out?

What to keep in mind when eating out with family or friends

Snack Time

Recipes for snacks that are safe for celiac sufferers to eat

Eat Well

Whether it is you, or your child, that has to avoid gluten, I am here to share what I have learned to help you live a happy, healthy gluten free life.

Weight Loss

Doesn't diet mean weight loss? Should I try this if I am not gluten intolerant?

Why trust me?

My site is not the only gluten free site on the net! So why should you trust me?

Experience. As I said at the top of the page, I have been on the diet since I was a child, 50+ years ago. I know exactly what I can eat, and what makes me sick by now.

Guidance. My aim is to educate, assist and "be there" for you. 

Recipes. Over the years I have created hundreds of recipes and meals that are safe for Celiacs, while also satisfying the rest of the family.

Help me Help YOU

I would love it if you could take a couple of minutes to take my quick survey below. The more I can learn about you, the more I can help you. The information you provide will NOT be shared with anyone else. Only MY eyes will see it and it will help me build into the site YOU want and need. Thank you.


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