Gluten free Christmas Recipes

Gluten free Christmas recipes already? Well, you might not have the decorations up yet, but you might have a nagging thought that Christmas really isn't that far away? Especially if the kids have just returned to school!

Have you spotted that first Christmas advert yet? Or the decorations in the shops? Well here at the Gluten Free Chef we don't like to be too early for Christmas, but we do like to be prepared. After all we want to enjoy the festive season and know that the food we are going to eat is safe for our gluten free diet.

What's first on your agenda?

Have you started laying in extra supplies ready for the big day? Are you ready to start baking in advance or perhaps you have just realised that the season is almost upon you and you haven't got a thing done?

No problem, we have plenty of make ahead gluten free Christmas recipes along with ideas for those last minute gifts and treats right here for you.

Christmas timetable

To give you a helping hand, especially if this is your first gluten free Christmas, we have provided a timetable below of when we like to start getting certain things prepared.

Practice makes perfect

Whilst you shouldn't find anything listed in these recipes that you aren't already familiar with, it may well be wise to have a practice run, if you have time.

No, I don't mean the whole day!

However, if you haven't done much gluten free baking before you might like to test the recipes first to see if you need to make any final tweaks to suit your own families tastes.

If you make any really successful adaptations to these gluten free Christmas recipes please do share them with us here on The Gluten Free Chef.

Even if this is your first Christmas since being diagnosed with a gluten intolerance or Celiac Disease, don't panic, have faith and confidence in yourself, add a little Christmas spirit, read the recipes through and make sure you have all the ingredients to hand, then follow the instructions to the letter.

Once you have delivered your perfect Christmas Dinner, and your friends and family are replete you can share your Christmas story with us. Your experiences for this Christmas could help and support someone in your position next year, by which time you will be an old hand at this!


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