Gluten free low carb cookbook

Gluten free low carb? Is that possible?

It is, with the new cookbook from authors Peter Reinhart and Denene Wallace, titled The Joy of Gluten-Free, Sugar-Free Baking

The issue with many gluten free flours is the high carbohydrate content, meaning that once you are diagnosed with celiac disease and start eating alternatives to normal wheat flour products you are likely to put on weight.

If you have celiac disease and diabetes then it is even more important to keep the carbs low.

But no-one wants to live without some goodies do they?

This book is stuffed full of adaptable recipes that use low carb flours and alternatives to sugar without comprising on flavor.

There is a chapter each on ...

  • Breads and Rolls
  • Pizzas and Focaccias
  • Crackers, Breadsticks and Pretzels
  • Muffins, Scones, Pancakes, Waffles and other Breakfast Treats
  • Cookies
  • Brownies, Cakes and Coffee Cakes
  • Pies

What you won't find in this book are recipes using rice flour, soy flour or cornstarch. Instead you will be introduced to varieties such as hazelnut flour, pecan flour and even flour from seeds such as sunflower, sesame and pumpkin.

If you are looking for almond flour recipes you will also find those within the pages of the book, along with a few that use garbanzo beans (chickpeas). These flours all help to improve the flavor while still being gluten free low carb options.

Peter and Denene encourage you to experiment and adapt the recipes, perhaps substituting a different nut flour or blend.

Normal white sugar is replaced with Spenda or Stevia, on a volume basis (as it is lighter in weight than sugar).

Grinding your own nut and seed flours

Some of these are easily obtainable such as almond flour (or meal), some you will be able to find in specialist shops or online, whereas others you may need to grind at home.

The first recipe I tried from the book called for sesame seed flour. No problem, I thought. I will just grind the seeds in my Wondermill.

BAD move!

The seeds turned into sesame seed paste inside the mill, and it took me 2 hours to recover from this disaster. Luckily my mill is now back in working order, but I will in future heed the instructions!

NOTE: You can use a coffee grinder to grind small amounts of flour.  

After trying, and enjoying, some of the gluten free low carb recipes from this book, I decided to stretch to a Multi Food Grinder attachment for my Kenwood Chef kitchen machine which I have found works really well for larger quantities of nut and seed flours.

My first attempts

The first recipe I tried from the book was the Sesame Seed Bread from page 37. Apart from my adventures with grinding the seeds into flour, the actual recipe was easy to follow and quick to make. It tasted wonderful and was very filling.

Encouraged by this success I next tried Cinnamon-Apple Muffins from page 125, pictured above.

The book said they would taste like homemade apple pie without the pie crust, and they were spot on!

Gluten free cinnamon apple muffins

For this recipe I was adventurous and swapped out the hazelnut flour for my own home-ground cashew flour. I also accidentally missed the unsweetened applesauce off my shopping list, so added an extra egg to make up for the missing ingredient. I threw a few sultanas into the mix as well.

That evening, my husband decided he ought to help me eat them "before they go stale", even though he does not need gluten free low carb foods. Hmmmmm.

There are so many other recipes I plan to try from this book! They include Lemon and Poppy Seed Scones, the Double-Cheese Focaccia with Tomato Sauce and the Nutty Zucchini Bread to name but a few.

The Joy of Gluten-Free Sugar-Free Baking is a book that has certainly earned a place in my kitchen library.


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